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Sports Display Cases

Transform your favorite memorabilia into a work of art with sports display cases. Each one is designed to hold a specific item, from balls and pucks to hats and jerseys, so you can create a custom display in seconds. Choose cases from brands such as Mounted Memories and Caseworks International.

High Visibility
Each of these sports display cases is crafted with a clear glass or plastic shield that shows off the beauty of your ball, jersey, program, or ticket stub. Allow guests to check out the stitching and dirt smudges on a championship ball with a cube case that enables 360-degree viewing.

Artistic Presentation
With their stylish designs, these sports display cases elevate the look of your item and transform it into a sleek piece of decor. Cases with high-polish metallic risers instantly demand attention, while minimalist glass frames keep the focus on the item itself. For office display, select a case with a frame or a carved wooden base that lends a professional look to a jersey or game ball.

League Branding
Many sports display cases are branded with league logos or team names for extra visual impact. Others feature the names of playoff series, season dates, or winning status in a championship game. Alternatively, choose an unbranded case to show off a personal memento. Complete your decor with coordinating sports memorabilia and collectibles from the same team or season.

Protective Design
Made from durable glass and plastic, these sports display cases allow you to keep your items in view without exposing them to dust, accidental spills, or damage. Most are designed to hold specific items safely, reducing the chance of rips or tears during the mounting process. Choose a jersey frame to minimize stress on the fabric, or use a ticket holder to prevent edge wear. For a baseball, use a case that holds the ball in one position, preventing a player's signature or a team logo from rubbing off.


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