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A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way

According to training and motivational experts, saying "thank you" is one of the best ways to connect with people. Words and notes of appreciation make everyone feel good, and boost the recipient's self–esteem. It's also just plain smart to demonstrate proper business etiquette by saying, "thank you." Thank you notes, whether written or sent via e–mail, are one more opportunity to put your name in front of your customers, help you cement relationships, and let you stand out among the competition.

Experts at the Nierenberg Group, specialists in sales training and motivational workshops, say thank–you notes are "the nicest way to connect with people. Notes of appreciation make people feel good." Nierenberg pinpoints the following key opportunities for saying "thank you":

  • When you've done business with someone

  • When you receive a compliment or suggestion from a client, customer or employee

  • When clients or customers successfully implement an idea, process or procedure — in particular, one that you have recommended

  • When a client or customer recommends you for additional business

  • When employees have performed "above and beyond," or have done something extremely well

  • When customers say, "No"

This last suggestion may surprise some people, but Nierenberg says thanking customers for rejection can actually work to your favor. Many times the person receiving the thanks will be so surprised and impressed, he or she will choose to work with you again. Short thank–you notes work best. Two or three sentences are usually sufficient, and be sure your note sounds sincere and enthusiastic. A genuine expression of gratitude will distinguish a good note from an average one.

And what if you are the customer? Should you send a thank–you note then, too? Absolutely! You can only benefit from maintaining good relationships with the people whose products and services you use regularly, like your accountant, delivery man, advertising representative, and the like. These are the people who help your business run smoothly.

Bottom line, whether a thank–you note is necessary is not the issue. Smart business is!

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