Do I have to wait at my home or office all day for my delivery?

For your security and protection, it is best to have someone available to sign for your order between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, M–F excluding holidays. Our driver's delivery routes change from day to day so there is no way to determine the exact time your order will be delivered. If you would like the driver to leave your shipment (For Example: on front steps) click here to fill out the Driver Release Agreement. If you do not post a Driver Release Agreement, the driver will decide whether or not to leave the order unattended. If the delivery cannot be made, your order will be returned to the local delivery center and another attempt will be made.

For your order paid in the store at the register, a minimum of one extra business day may be added onto delivery due to order processing time.

For more specific delivery details, please refer to your order.

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