Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?

Most orders are transmitted almost immediately to our warehouse where it is processed very quickly and shipped out.

If you want to change your order, please let us know as soon as possible, by calling 1–800–3STAPLE (1–800–378–2753). We will check the status of your order and attempt to make the necessary changes. If your order has already been transmitted to our warehouse for shipping, we will not be able to make changes to the order and it will ship as is. If that is the case and you would like to place an additional order, please contact customer service at 1–800–3STAPLE (1–800–378–2753), or you can simply refuse delivery if that is more convenient for you.

If you cannot call us, please send us an email and we will make the necessary adjustments as noted above.
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