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Finding the right software is easy.

Staples has computer software for all your needs and we make it easy to choose the right version. Learn about the different categories of software and the different ways you can purchase it in-store, shipped to you or downloaded straight to your computer.

Find the software you need.

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Anti-virus, security & identity protection software

In today's digital age, you can't afford to lose your data to viruses, malware or spyware. Protect your files and your identity with comprehensive security software from the top brands. Set up a firewall and other Internet security systems and you'll have the best defense for your computer whenever you go online.

View all anti-virus, security
& identity protection software
Learn about Norton® and Trend™


Productivity software

Whether you're writing a report, reviewing the quarterly presentation or keeping up with your email, productivity software with essential programs for documents, spreadsheets and reading PDFs help you take care of day-to-day work on your PC. Getting the latest versions from Microsoft and Adobe will ensure that every file you open can be read with ease.

Learn about Adobe Acrobat® and Microsoft Office®


Accounting & finance software

The easiest way to manage your personal and small business budgets and investments. Financial software brings together all of your accounts in one convenient place and does all the math for you, from debits to dividends. Just set your goals and objectives and start saving toward them.

View all accounting and finance software

Learn about Quicken® and Quickbooks®

operating-systemsOperating systems

Your entire PC experience is delivered by your operating system. From start-up to shutdown, enjoy the easiest experience with the latest operating systems for home and office from Windows. Sleek designs and trimmed down code will make your PC run smoother and look even better, and more robust programming has even more useful tools and features to offer.

View all operating system software

Learn about Windows 7®


Photo, video & design software

Organize and preserve your cherished memories in pictures or on film. Photo-editing software allows you to retouch, trim and color correct your favorite photos, and with the latest video software, you can weave together your videos into award-worthy entertainment you'll want to watch again and again.

View all photo media & design software
View all video software

Learn about Adobe® Photoshop® Elements


Tax software

Go from file to refund in no time flat with tax software from the pros. Take the guess work and the complex calculations out of the equation with these comprehensive programs. Simply follow the steps and put in your information and before you know it, you'll have your tax forms submitted without even breaking a sweat!

View all tax software

Learn about TurboTax®


Educational software

Want to learn a new language or hone your typing skills? Find top educational programs from trusted names in digital learning software to expand your knowledge right at your computer. Patented learning methods with proven results will turn your home office or laptop into a renowned classroom experience.

View all education software

business software Business software

From operating systems and upgrades to business suites and legal or medical software, Staples has a wide selection of business software for a variety of industries. Own a small business? Choose from a range of options to help run your operation better, cut costs and more.

View all business software

backup and utilities softwareBackup & utilities software

Avoid a data catastrophe. Get peace of mind by investing in backup software. From voluming software that allows you to compress and split backup data into smaller chunks to encryption software that protects your files from theft, Staples has a wide range of computer backup software available for every budget.

View all backup & utilities software

pc games softwarePC games

Whether you're a strategic board gamer or a risk-taking poker player, Staples has PC games for every interest, age and budget. Choose from digital board games, multiplayer strategy games, family and casino games. Whatever type of gamer you are, we've got the software you're looking to play.

View all PC games

Software downloadsdownload-sphere

Download top software titles from
Staples in minutes

Staples makes it easy to download and use antivirus, internet security and accounting software in minutes. Simply buy and download to your computer.

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