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Anchor Brand Boots

When daily work brings you into contact with mud, rain and sharp objects, a reliable pair of Anchor Brand boots can protect your feet. Explore Staples listings to find boots that keep feet warm, dry and safe.

Compare Materials Used in Work Boots
Many boots have simple, straightforward construction. Rubber is a common material for work footwear since it is waterproof and durable. Boots often have a netted lining to prevent sweat buildup and maximize airflow to the feet. For safety, boots often have textured soles. This feature keeps boots from slipping and causing injury. Those who work with heavy objects benefit from the protection provided by steel-toed boots. Other materials used in work boots include leather and vinyl. If you're working in a hazardous environment, such as at a roadside, consider boots that come in bright yellow for improved visibility.

Slip-On and Lacing Boots Provide Options for Users
Adjustable side straps are one way to personalize a boot's fit, but other design options ensure that work footwear fits well. Slip-on boots slide on over shoes, so they have a roomy interior and large foot opening. This is ideal for work environments that require rapid footwear changes. Lace-up boots offer the most customizable fit, making them a popular choice for users who work long hours. With lace-up boots, wearers can get as much or as little support as they want each day. Some boot designs are produced in wide and extra-wide sizes, accommodating users with wide feet and users who work in the heat.

Waterproof Boots Are Ideal for Many Environments
Waterproof boots are essential in many industries, so several types of work boots are designed to repel water. Consider 100 percent waterproof options to keep feet dry in rain, slush and mud. With multiple layers, some boots combine water resistance and breathability. A waterproof exterior keeps water out, while mesh or netted layers keep feet well ventilated. Both leather and rubber are waterproof materials that are frequently used in work footwear.

What Traits Are Important in Work Boots?
Boots must be able to withstand at least 8 hours of daily wear and tear to be appropriate for work. Built-in safety and comfort features minimize foot pain and are suitable for different work conditions. Several boot options have adjustable side straps. This feature allows multiple users with similar foot sizes to wear the same pair of boots comfortably. Users can tailor the boot fit to each situation. In rain or mud, you can tighten the straps and prevent water from entering the top of the boot. In hot weather, you can loosen the strap and improve airflow. Consider a boot's height while shopping. Higher boots are more protective in inclement weather, while shorter boots allow for more leg movement. Designs that feature loops on the back of each boot make it easy to take them off quickly.

The wide variety of work footwear available allows users in all industries to find the ideal foot protection for day-to-day work. Use Staples listings to compare options and select a pair that meets your needs.
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Anchor Brand® 101-9040 Slush Boots, Yellow, Size 9
Item : 154141
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  • Height: 17"
  • Includes cross rib outsole
  • Lining: Net
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Anchor Brand® Adjustable Side Strap Yellow Slush Boots, Size 11
Item : SS1067146
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  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Yellow
  • Resistance: Water
As low as $40.89
Multiple options available
Anchor Brand® Brown Leather Spats
Item : 858286
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  • Spats
  • Brown
  • Elastic top with 2 buckles on back-of leg
Anchor Brand® 101-450 Leather Leggings, Brown
Item : 154130
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  • Length: 15"
  • Brown
  • Material: Leather