Ankle & Foot Supports

Choose from a varied assortment of ankle & foot supports while recovering from a sprain or strain. Special wraps and insoles can ease the pain of plantar fasciitis, while splints and heel protectors protect your ankles while you sleep. Provide additional support for athletic practice and games.

Nighttime Support
Heel protectors provide cushioning and protection against bedsores and nerve damage during extended periods of rehabilitation and bed rest. Dorsal night splits are designed to keep the ankle and foot in a neutral position while sleeping, with metal stays to prevent extension. These splints are ideal after removal of a cast, with extra foam padding to provide comfort through the night.

Increased Stability
When you're looking for compression and immobilization, choose ankle splints that protect your joint on all sides with foam and air padding. Athletes can choose from adjustable, comfortable ankle supports with stays when trying to play through a mild sprain or strain or to prevent injuries from recurring. Add extra protection by augmenting leg protection with knee and leg supports to keep the entire leg stable and fully supported during athletic endeavors.

Protection While Walking
Reduce the constant pain of plantar fasciitis by choosing specially designed insoles that reduce the shock load on the heel, provide medial cushioning, and support the foot's arch gently. Construction workers, delivery people, and hospital employees can choose foam insoles in a wide range of sizes to provide the cushioning and shock protection they need to get through the work day. Make life easier when you opt for an ankle brace with nonslip straps that don't require you to take off your shoes to make necessary adjustments.