Hasten the recovery time of patients in your facility using orthopedics products. Discover pediatric positioning options that help children conquer gait issues. Find an array of solutions designed to help the elderly regain mobility after surgery or while undergoing treatment for ambulatory issues.

Additional Support
Use orthopedic options designed to provide additional support for injured areas to ensure speedy recovery times. Select options for the ankles, feet, wrists, and hands for patients who've experienced bone or muscle injuries to their extremities. Choose neck braces and supports for patients recovering from whiplash and other accidents and issues that can compromise mobility. Knee and leg supports help patients suffering from joint pain or recovering from knee replacement. Arm and elbow supports help those with sports-related injuries recover full mobility.

Added Convenience
Help patients regain a sense of independence and dignity using orthopedics products that aid in grooming, dressing, and reaching. Choose tools that help patients put on socks, shoes, and hosiery, or select long-handled sponges and wipes to make personal hygiene routines simple and hassle-free for recovering patients. Reachers with jaws that lock help patients acquire items near their beds, and bells let patients summon help when the need arises.

Increased Comfort
Invest in orthopedics products that increase patient comfort in your medical facility. Use pillows and elevators to raise the feet when it's time for sleep, and pair these options with beds and mattresses designed for use in medical facilities for a higher level of convenience. Wedges, blocks, and rolls help patients sit up in bed with ease, or choose options that support the back while the patient is sitting for at-home use.