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Dish Soap & Detergent

Dish soap and detergent plays a major role in kitchens everywhere. Whether you're washing tableware by hand in the break room or regularly running a dishwasher at home, there's a variety of quality cleaning products that scrub away every last bit of grease, food residue and stains. Staples stocks cleaning products from top brands like Cascade, Palmolive, Dawn and Seventh Generation that work well for every need.

Dish Soaps in a Variety of Fresh Scents
Liquid dishwashing soaps can quickly tackle a sink full of dishes while leaving hands soft and clean afterward. From the greasiest of plates to gently-soiled silverware, every piece comes out shiny, along with the sink. Super-concentrated formulas can be diluted for extra washing mileage out of every bottle. Available in scent-free versions or with the delightful essence of citrus, lavender, pomegranate, cucumber and more, dishes and kitchens look and smell fresh and clean every time.

Powder and 2-in-1 Dishwasher Detergents for a Deep Machine Clean
Before the next big family dinner, make sure you have plenty of detergent on hand to make post-meal cleanup go by quickly. Automatic dishwasher detergents come in different formats like powdered soaps, gels and 2-in-1 packs that provide a streak-free shine on even the toughest of baked-on surfaces. Premium-quality detergents and rinse agents work hard to eliminate water spots for a top-shelf sparkle before and after special occasions. Many detergents are so powerful, no pre-washing or soaking is required, guaranteeing efficient dish handling from start to finish.

Dish Cleaning Wipes Help Reduce Cross-Contamination
When washing dishes in a shared public space, dish cleaning wipes are an excellent choice. Pre-saturated wipes contain liquid detergent that helps to reduce cross-contamination while effectively wiping away grease and stubborn food particles. These wipes contain no dyes, chlorine or phosphates, making them ideal for use with camping cookware and barbecue utensils.

Earth-Friendly Dishwashing Products
Consumers who are looking for eco-friendly detergents and liquid soaps have several options that are safe for both dishes and the environment. Free of dyes, toxic chemicals and perfumes, eco-safe products are made with plant-based or naturally-derived ingredients that contain botanical extracts and oils that get dishes clean without releasing harmful chemicals into the water supply. Many biodegradable formulas are safe for use with septic systems and are packaged in recyclable bottles. These cleaner and purer formulas are also a good option for those with chemical sensitivities and skin allergies.

Bulk Quantities Save Businesses Money
Restaurants, community kitchens and large families save by purchasing products in bulk and economy packaging. Available in sizes ranging from 3-ounce bottles of dish soap up to 5-gallon pails of dishwashing liquid, businesses small and large can keep a plentiful amount of cleaning materials in stock. Bulk packs include multiple bottles, boxes and containers per case, so supplies don't run out for months or years down the road. Busier establishments may want to subscribe to Staples' free automatic delivery system that restocks the most essential supplies at intervals that fit a range of budgets and schedules.
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