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Liven up letters, invitations, and illustrations with high-quality drawing ink, art pens, and writing accessories. Staples® carries a broad selection of bottled inks and drawing supplies from Higgins®, Speedball®, Winsor, and Newton™, as well as other popular brands for creative professionals and entry-level artists.

Choose Drawing Ink for a Variety of Projects
Drawing inks work with calligraphy markers, paint brushes, and airbrush equipment, giving users creative flexibility when making vibrant works of art. Many feature fast-drying properties, resisting smudges, bleeding, and feathering on a variety of surfaces. Glossy inks give handwritten details extra emphasis, while matte colors help bring life to line drawings, comic book sketches, and mixed-media creations.

Create Beautiful Designs With Numerous Drawing Ink Options
Smooth-flowing inks come in a broad spectrum of colors, making them ideal for lettering projects, intricate illustrations, and signing official documents. Standard black ink works well for dip pen lettering practice and conceptual sketch work. White ink provides sophisticated, eye-catching contrast against dark backgrounds and helps add depth to drawings and paintings. Nature-inspired colors subtly enhance architectural designs and landscaping plans so project proposals stand out. Metallic inks enhance formal event invitations and wedding signage with stunning shimmery effects. Several ink formulas even let people create custom color mixes to match any decorative palette.

Save on Multipacks of Drawing Ink
Professional artists, calligraphy enthusiasts, and students save valuable time and money on bulk quantities of drawing supplies. Single-color packs let users stock up on frequently used favorites, ensuring artist essentials never run out. Ink assortments give illustrators plenty of colorful options suiting a range of creative projects. Drawing kits come in a variety of nibs, pens, and inks, giving budding artists plenty of opportunities to play with the medium.

Are All Drawing Ink Products Archival Safe?
Several drawing inks offer acid-free, archival-safe longevity. However, some contain acidic ingredients that may deteriorate or yellow paper over time. If you’re not sure which to choose for a particular project, try those clearly labeled as acid-free to ensure optimal performance.

Is Drawing Ink Safe for Kids?
Most ink products feature AP-certified, non-toxic formulas, making them safe for artists of all ages. Many water-based types are also safe to wash down the drain without posing a threat to water sources, vegetation, and wildlife. To ensure safe handling and cleanup, users should carefully review product information and packaging, as some mention suggested age ranges, recommended disposal methods, and cleaning instructions.

Can You Recycle Drawing Ink Bottles?
Many inks come in glass or plastic containers that are recyclable in most communities. Compatible materials typically feature recycling symbols on the labels and/or on the undersides so users can quickly sort through materials. To ensure safe disposal, users should rinse out ink residue before putting bottles in recycling bins. An option available to businesses is the Zero Waste Box™ mail-in program from TerraCycle®. Staples carries several types of prepaid TerraCycle bins for art and office supplies, paper, and commercial waste. Once full, users simply mailboxes in for responsible processing and material repurposing, reducing landfill waste in the process.

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