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Honey-Can-Do International Step Stools & Ladders

When you need a reliable product to help you reach the top of closet shelves, room cabinets or kitchen cupboards, consider a step stool from Honey-Can-Do International, a leading supplier of products for the home. The foldable step stools from Honey-Can-Do feature an integrated carrying handle, a skid-resistant foot pad and base feet and rigid polymer construction. The step stools can also be folded and stored away when not in use.

Check Out Honey-Can-Do International
Honey-Can-Do International offers hundreds of trendy, colorful and fun storage, organizational and garment-care products for the home, apartment or office. The company specializes in items for the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, home office and garage, and you'll use its products, including step stools, for myriad tasks.

Honey-Can-Do International Step Stools
Every room in the home could have its own step stool because they're such a versatile product. Honey-Can-Do International looks out for fashionable and utilitarian ways for you to organize your home with attractive, safe products, and its step stools are no production afterthought. The anti-slip step surfaces of the stools consist of a series of small dots, a pattern that continues onto the interior of the four legs. They have two larger hollowed circle accents on the side braces and end brackets. The series of interlocking hinges that make the step stools foldable add to their contemporary design pattern.

What Elevation Do You Get in Honey-Can-Do International Step Stools?
These step stools give you more than a foot of extra reach. That may not seem like a lot, but it's normally enough to let you do those extra reaching tasks that you might otherwise need someone to help you with or might require dragging a heavy, bulky step ladder in from the garage. The step stool height is designed for anyone who simply needs some additional height to reach tall cabinets or cupboards comfortably and safely. These step stools can also be used as seating when you're packing or removing items from low kitchen cupboards or bookshelves as they are just the right height.

How Rugged Are Honey-Can-Do International Step Stools?
Constructed from high-density polymer, the step stools have full-length side brackets and leg bracing. The foot platform is solid polymer. They have a weight rating of 300 pounds, which is standard throughout the industry, so they accommodate both the weight of persons using them and the items they are holding.

How Much Storage Space Do Honey-Can-Do Step Stools Take Up?
The step stools are collapsible from over a foot in height and depth down to their platform width of 1.75 inches. The key is a series of integrated plastic hinges, part of the design appeal of the stools, that fold inward on each other at the side brackets and bracings and the foot platform itself. These integrated plastic hinges are tightly spaced over the hinge pins, so you can't pinch your fingers when folding the stool. The center of the foot pad is notched to provide the integrated carrying handle when the stools are folded.
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Honey-Can-Do Folding Step Stool
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