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Mailing Tubes for Large-Format Documents

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Mailing tubes provide a convenient option for shipping plans, wide-format printing, and oddly-shaped merchandise in packaging that ensures it arrives safely, without requiring oversize shipping boxes. With options in varying lengths, widths, and materials, Staples® carries tubes for mailing that meet the needs of most businesses and their packaging needs.

Choosing Mailing Tubes
These products come in different durability options that let users control the level of protection for the contents. Lightweight designs are thick enough to provide adequate protection for sturdy items that aren't susceptible to damage. Standard tubes keep rolled photos, blueprints, and other items free from wrinkles and damage. Consider heavy-duty tubes for breakables and delicate items that require additional protection. These options provide increased durability that withstands heavier items like metal rods and industrial parts, reducing the risk of bending during shipping.

Mailing Tube Features
These products come in styles with different features that increase usability and protection. Adjustable mailing tubes let users insert items from the middle and customize the telescoping length to the items inside. Some choices include padding that protects against bumps and rough handling while in transit. Self-sealing tubes feature press and seal closures, eliminating the need for additional packaging supplies. Users simply remove the backing on the adhesive, and the package stays sealed. Options with end caps ensure a tight seal that makes sure items stay inside the tubes until the recipient removes them. Look for spiral-round construction and reinforced corners for added protection during shipping.

Are There Different Mailing Tube Shapes?
Round tubes protect photos, blueprints, posters, and other large items. Triangular units prevent rolling, providing simple packing that stays on the shelf or mail cart. Square tubes offer increased space for items of different shapes and reduce the need for using cumbersome boxes that are too large for the items. Flat tubes or bags provide a sturdy, rip-resistant option that keeps wallpaper, fabric, and other items that aren't fragile safe from scuffs, dirt, and rips.

What Are the Color Options for Mailing Tubes?
Traditional tubes are brown or white corrugated material, but there are several different colors available. Yellow, green, and blue let users send eye-catching packages in colors that represent the company. Consider red tubes for hazardous, flammable, or extremely fragile items. There are also gold and silver choices that add a festive look when sending items during the holidays.

Are There Multi-Pack Mailing Tube Choices?
Shipping tubes come in packages ranging from a single unit to 50. Consider single tubes when mailing one-offs and items that are outside the normal shipping practices. Bulk products provide a cost-effective option that ensures there are always plenty of tubes available for shipping out important documents and items.

Are Mailing Tubes Environmentally Friendly?
Most mailing tubes that include removable end caps are reusable, letting users reduce supply costs and minimize the amount of waste due to shipping and receiving. There are options made with recycled materials, along with options that are fully recyclable after use, ensuring an option that works with the green policies of most companies.
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