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Black Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are ideal for shipping oversized documents like blueprints, posters and art canvases. Most of them have the natural brown color of Kraft paper but you can find black mailing tubes to make your package really stand out. Staples carries a wide selection of these mailers, not only in black but other colors as well.

Ship with a Black Postal Tube to Avoid Creasing Documents
Before ordering a shipping tube, roll up the large paper document you wish to send and measure its length and width. The tube you need must be a little longer and wider. Make sure to leave room for any packing material you wish to include as well as the tube's end caps. This guarantees that no part of the document folds or creases when you slip it into the mailer.

Most mailing tubes are made of spiral-wound corrugated cardboard. Unlike regular paper envelopes, this material is tear and crush-resistant. If you want to ship heavy items like small tools and machine parts, look for one made from PVC. This plastic postal tube has an even more rigid build. Ship fragile items with padded shipping tubes or regular tubes stuffed with packing materials.

Choosing Between Round and Triangular Black Mailing Tubes
While cylindrical shipping tubes with round cross-sections are more popular, triangular tubes are just as functional and even preferred by some. Round tubes roll easily on flat surfaces and are more likely to fall out of mailroom carts. To avoid package loss during transit, some people prefer to ship with boxy postal tubes. These include triangular and square options. Both types have the same advantage over round tubes. Their sharp edges prevent them from rolling off postal services' conveyor belts and also contribute to the structural integrity of the tubes. Triangular tubes take up less space and often attract lower shipping costs.

Can you Customize a Black Shipping Tube?
Yes. You can add corporate logos and slogans to postal tubes. Black provides an excellent background for painting or printing bright colors on shipping tubes. Companies customize mailing tubes to establish brand identities when fulfilling orders and sending out promotional materials. Individuals can also customize shipping tubes they reuse or use as carrying tubes.

Are There Waterproof Black Mailing Tubes?
Yes. Regular tubes made out of Kraft paper and corrugated cardboard are moisture-resistant at best. If you need a fully waterproof tube, get one made of plastic or metal. Check that the end caps seal tightly to prevent water from seeping in.

Should you get a Telescoping Black Shipping Tube?
A telescoping tube has an expandable design with two or more sections sliding over one another. In this way, it is possible to shorten or increase the length of the tube as required. Get a telescopic postal tube if you plan on reusing it to send or carry documents of varying lengths.

What are Snap-Seal Tubes?
Snap-seal tubes are shipping tubes with crimped ends rather than end caps. Sealing these tubes simply requires you to pinch their ends together. They are cost-saving alternatives to tubes with end caps and only are available in paper options.
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Safco® Telescoping Document Storage Tube, Black, 24 1/2"H x 40"L x 3 1/2"D
Item : 494254 / Model : 3053
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  • Tough plastic tube with screw-on end cap
  • Protects documents, drawings, and artwork during storage or transport
  • Telescope end has graduations in 1 1/2" increments to quickly set the desired size
44.99 $44.99
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Staples Color Mailing Tubes
Item : SS1001636
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  • End caps are included
  • All dimensions are inside dimensions
As low as 30.59 $30.59
Multiple options available
Staples Black Mailing Tubes with Caps, 2"
Item : SS1085026
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  • Tubes have a glossy finish
  • Use to identify or categorize different types of documents or mailings
  • Strong 3-ply spiral wound construction
As low as 45.49 $45.49
Multiple options available