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Barska Picture Frame Safe with Combinaiton LockBarska Picture Frame Safe with Combinaiton Lock
Item #105731
Model #CB11800
  • 0.08 cubic feet capacity
  • This safe looks and functions as a standard photo frame while concealing the pressence of a safe
Pick one of the picture safes available at Staples® to hide your valuables behind a work of art. Hiding a safe from view reduces the chances of burglars breaking into it. Wall-mounted home safes cleverly disguised as a picture frame can also double as a decorative piece of decor. You can select a personal photo or work of art to display on the door of the safe.

Consider Picture Safes That Complement Your Decor
To fulfill its purpose, a safe hidden by a picture frame should not look out of place in a room. It should go on the wall where you would naturally place a framed photograph or art canvas. Look for a model with a wooden frame for a room with a traditional decor. For modern decors, get safes hidden with glass-paned picture frames. Note the dimensions of the frame and find a photo or art of the right size. Some hidden fireproof safes have swing door picture frames while others have sliding frames. Pick a unit that has a well-concealed opening mechanism. The locking mechanism on the picture frame should not be all that is required to prevent unauthorized access. The safe hidden behind the frame should have its own lock.

Key Features to Look for in Picture Safes
First, consider size and capacity when shopping for a gun safe. In-wall safes are usually for small items like jewelry, passports, and cash. Choose a model that is big enough for the valuables you wish to protect. Next, consider the thickness of the safe's steel door. Most home safes use steel sheets with gauges between 14 and 8. The lower the gauge, the thicker it is.

The lock on the safe is the primary deterrent against theft. Available options include key and combination locks as well as electronic locks with keypads and biometric sensors. A combination lock is more secure than a key lock. Some safes combine both types of mechanical locks. Similarly, you can find a lock with an electronic keypad that asks for an access code and a biometric lock that requires fingerprint input.

Is Fire Rating Important for Picture Safes?
Get a fire-resistance wall safe if you plan on keeping a lot of cash and important paper documents in it. Such safes have fire retardant linings and can withstand heat and high temperatures for longer than a regular safe. Find a model that can protect its contents when exposed to temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes.

Are There Picture Safes With Mechanical and Electronic Lock Systems?
Yes. There are safes with both types of locks. The combination creates a redundant security system that ensures you can still gain access to your safe even when one of the locks fails. For example, when a dead battery renders an electronic lock unresponsive.

Do You Need Wall Anchors for Picture Safes?
Yes. Although hidden from view, you should anchor your picture safe inside the wall. In case they discover it, anchors can prevent burglars from pulling out the safe and making away with it.