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Serving Utensils

Add a touch of elegance and style to any function or celebration with disposable serving sets. Staples® stock a range of disposable cutlery for any catered event. Serving utensils sets from a premium brand, such as Fineline Settings® Silver Secrets™, allow you to elevate the formality of your event.

Disposable Serving Sets Contain Sturdy and Sophisticated Serving Utensils
Serving sets contain heavy duty serving utensils that allow for easy and convenient food service. Quality construction and a definitive design make these utensils versatile for serving an array of foods, from salads and pasta to vegetables, meats, and desserts. The stable and sturdy composition makes serving cutlery ideal for both hot and cold food service. Lightweight yet strong, ergonomically designed silver-look serving cutlery provides for comfortable and stress-free service. This is beneficial if the event has staff on the serving station for the entire duration of the function. Serving cutlery has rounded rims that prevent food spillage, ensuring service areas stay tidy, clean, and hygienic. Contained in prepackaged bags, silver style disposable serving sets ensure a fast set-up, with serving cutlery staying clean and sanitary until time for use.

Disposable Serving Sets and Cutlery Have Many Benefits
Users benefit from the convenience and cost of plastic serving utensils with the sophistication and look of silver. Disposable service sets have the luster and shine of real silverware and imitate the appearance of non-disposable alternatives. The silver finish elevates the formality of any function and provides for classic and elegant food service with all benefits of plastic disposable cutlery. Disposable serving utensils make the end of function clean up quick and efficient. Utensils can easily be picked up and thrown in the trash. Disposable eating and serving utensils also offer a cost-effective approach to catering large events and are perfect for buffet style self-service functions.

Are Disposable Serving Sets Eco-friendly?
Disposable serving sets are recyclable. These serving utensils are made of number 6 plastic. Users must check with their local recycling program to ensure what plastics are accepted. Sturdy and durable, these items are reusable. Wash with warm soapy water and store them for your next event or function.

Who Benefits From Disposable Serving Sets?
Disposable service ware can be used in the home or workplace, or in restaurants, bars, and other eateries. With the appearance and finish of real silverware, disposable serving utensils set the scene and match any theme or decor, perfect for formal events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. Ideal for backyard barbecues or picnics, ensure your kitchen is stocked up with these portable and convenient serving items. Eliminate the risk of leaving behind your own metal serving utensils when taking dishes to potluck events with these disposable utensils. Cater any office event or party with these serving sets, whether indoor or outdoor.

How Are Disposable Serving Sets Packaged?
Sets come in sealed bags containing three utensils. Each bag contains two spoons and one fork. The utensils are sold in bulk boxes of 24 packs that allow users to cater for any sized event.
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Silver Secrets Plastic Serving Utensils Bagged Serving Set
Item : 1023473 / Model : 714
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Construction: Rounded Rims Prevent Food Spillage
  • Color: Silver
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