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Use poly bags on a roll that conveniently store and dispense packaging bags for a wide variety of storage, display, and shipping applications. The bags come with specialized features for versatile uses to protect items from moisture, vapor, and grease. Some bags are designed for the highly specific requirements of food and electronic packaging. Choose from a wide collection of poly bags as well as other shipping, packing, and mailing supplies at Staples®.

Types of Poly Bags on a Roll
Rolls of cellophane bags feature either lay flat or gusseted options. Lay flat poly bags protect small products like phone motherboards, small food items, and tools from elements like dust. Gusseted bags are suitable for products that are bulky or have uneven shapes. The bags conform to the shape of the items without stretching. This ensures reliable protection and resistance to tearing.

Thicknesses of Cellophane Bags
The poly bags come in various thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mils to 4 mils. Thicknesses of below 2 mils are suitable for storing or displaying small, lightweight items like snacks and phone accessories. Bags with thicknesses of 3 or 4 mils are robust enough to store, display, or carry heavier items like suitcases and floor mats.

Robust Construction of Poly Bags on Rolls for Optimal Protection
The bags come in pouch as well as tubular formats. Some feature robust bottoms and side seals for better load bearing. Gusseted bags also include tabular bottoms which makes it easy to load items. Plastic bags are recyclable and some are made using recyclable energy for a better environment. Virgin resin used on the bags is strong to ensure long service life as well as high clarity that facilitates enticing displays that will show customers the superior quality of items on display.

Can You Automate Sealing of Poly Bags on a Roll?
The cellophane bags on neatly wound rolls come perforated for easy dispensing. Setting up the rolls in dispensing stands makes work easier and some stands can accommodate multiple rolls. The bags can be sealed in various ways like tying, stapling, or using heat. Automated sealing usually uses heat and is the fastest. This option is ideal when sealing many bags. Rolls come in packs of various sizes containing from 25 to 2500 bags per roll. Rolls with many packs can help work run smoothly and efficiently by minimizing interruptions.

Are There Poly Bags on Rolls for Food Packaging?
Bags for food packaging are made of pure virgin Low-Density Polyethylene, usually abbreviated as LDPE. This transparent material meets the USDA and FDA specifications for food packaging materials.

Can Poly Bags on Rolls Protect Electronics?
Anti-static bags on rolls are free of Amine. This construction makes them perform well in shielding electronic parts in low relative humidity while controlling static electricity. The bags also prevent corrosion of poly-carbonate components in items to ensure they remain in good condition. These bags meet the industry static decay standards for packaging electronic items and components like memory cards and spare parts.

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Add to cart 23"W x 17"L Gusseted Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 200/Roll (1639R)
Add to cart 8"W x 10"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 1000/Roll (7720)
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Add to cart 12"W x 18"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 1000/Roll (7735)
Add to cart 36"W x 32"L Gusseted Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 160/Roll (10370)
Add to cart 18"W x 24"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 500/Roll (7745)
Add to cart 48"W x 60"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 150/Roll (7775)
Add to cart 12"W x 18"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 4.0 Mil, 500/Roll (6835)
Open 4"W x 6"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 2000/Roll (2640)
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Add to cart 4"W x 6"L Layflat Poly Bags on a Roll, 2.0 Mil, 2000/Roll (2640)
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