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Did you know....1.6 million single-use pens are discarded each year in the United States

Reduce your envionmental footprint.
There are so many easy ways.

Check out some of the calculators below and find out how even small changes can help lead to a more sustainable environment.

Environmental Defense Paper Calculator

Calculate the environmental impact of your recycled paper choices.

CarbonFund Office Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate and offset your office emissions.

EPA Waste Reduction Model (WARM)

Looking to Calculate the benefits of recycling and waste reduction efforts at your company.

EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Calculate the impacts of energy and fuel use and the savings from reducing both.

HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for Printers

Even your printer choice has an impact. See the benefits of choosing a better solution.

EcoRewards Recycling Calculators

Learn the benefits of recycling and determine the volume of recyclables generated based on your number of employees.

My Footprint

Calculate the area of land that you need to support your lifestyle based on where you live, driving habits, eating habits and more.

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