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Bar Supplies

A successful bar needs a wide variety of glassware, tools, and cutlery. Find the right glasses for your red wines, jiggers or muddlers for your cocktails, and ice scoops for your chilled drinks. You can choose from plastic ice buckets for cheap house wines to stainless steel ones for champagnes.

Plenty of Glassware
Glasses are great for serving a wide range of alcoholic beverages, but over time, they quickly disappear or become chipped and broken. Choose from a wide range of glassware to replace your stock and ensure you have exactly what you need. Stock up for festivals and celebrations that might need more glasses than usual such as New Year's Eve, or opt to supplement your glasses with plastic containers.

Effective Cocktail Tools
Enjoy great cocktail tools such as muddlers and jiggers to ensure each cocktail is created exactly as it should be. Muddle mint for a mojito, shake up a classic daiquiri, or layer a cocktail with care to deliver the most pristine drink to your guests. With the right tools, creating the perfect cocktail is a breeze.

Barware and Condiments
Spoons for certain drinks and condiment holders are all useful elements to a bar that serves food and snacks on the side. An ice bucket is ideal for chilled white wines and sparkling wines. Restaurant seating can make eating much more comfortable.

Easily Find Glasses
Speed rails and racks make it easy to select the right glasses and bottles and utilize the space above your head. Handled beer mugs can be set onto a rail for quick selection, and wine glasses can easily be slotted in to ensure you have exactly what you need.


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