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Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors- Accurate ReadingsTake patients' vital statistics in minutes with these blood pressure monitors, each finely tuned for optimal performance. Choose monitors that feature bright colors or patterns, or opt for a classic design. Choose a monitor from brands such as Briggs Healthcare and Prestige Medical.Accurate ReadingsEach of these blood pressure monitors is equipped with carefully calibrated technology, so you can secure accurate readings. All monitors measure systolic and diastolic numbers to give a clear indication of patients' heart health. For additional readings, look for models that tell you the pulse, date, and time. Some models come with built-in diagnostics to help you spot anomalies and potential problems.High VisibilityBlood pressure monitors ensure high visibility, so you can see clearly in dim hospital rooms or brightly lit clinics. When you're seeing multiple patients in a minimal amount of time, reduce the likelihood of mistakes with digital monitors that give a definitive readout. If you prefer traditional monitors, keep a pen light on hand for power outages or emergency situations.Adjustable FitKeep your patients comfortable with blood pressure monitors that adjust to fit different arm sizes. Monitors come with either wrist or upper arm cuffs, so you can select the one that works best for your patients. Each cuff is lined with soft fabric that feels pleasant against the skin, even at the highest pressure levels.Convenient KitsIf you are a medical student or a new health professional, choose kits that contain blood pressure monitors and everything else you need to get started. Look for kits that come with convenient accessories, including gauge holders, cuffs, bulbs, and carrying cases.


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