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Notepads for Office & Personal Use

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A notepad provides the paper and space needed to take notes, write down tasks and create doodles. Jot down information during busy meetings or use note paper to record lectures from college courses.

Different colors of paper make finding the right notes easier, while perforated pages rip out quickly. Different line designs create more or less space for writing to fit your style. Whatever kind of paper you need, Staples has some to fit the task.

Choosing the Right Notepad
Notepads come in various shapes and sizes, from legal pads to spiral options. Notebooks of differing colors stand out and can be differentiated between, making them good for breaking up notes from different courses at school or various tasks in the office. Covered options won't bend in a backpack or suitcase, while a legal pad slips into a folder or binder easily.

Features Available in a Notepad
Notepads have lined pages of various widths for different purposes. Lawyers use legal paper, those learning to write use wide-ruled paper and advanced students use college-ruled or narrow-ruled paper. Pages come in different colors from yellow to white, blue or pink, differentiating them from one another in a pile or when you need to find class or business notes quickly.

Spiral notebooks have metal or plastic spirals to hold pages in place and bound notebooks may have perforated pages that tear out, giving the sheet a clean edge. Options with covers resist damage like bent pages and water damage from spills or rain.

What Size Notepads are Available?
Notepads come in a number of sizes including 9.5 x 7.25 inches, 5 x 8 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, 8.5 x 11.75 inches, and 8.5 x 14 inches. Other less common sizes include 4 x 8-inch and 3 x 5-inch pages. Each style has a varied number of pages depending on the design. Mini pads typically hold 50 to 100 sheets and fit into pockets or small binders, while larger options may have 84 to 100 sheets and slide into specialized binders or legal pad holders.

What are the Ruled Paper Notepad Types?
Not all options are ruled, but most come with college or wide-ruled lines. Wide-ruled notepads have wider margins and may also be known as legal-ruled paper. Students learning to write or those with larger writing styles often use this style of paper. Wide-ruled options may have more paper since each page has fewer lines than college-ruled pads.

College-ruled paper has more lines per page. It fits more information on each page, since the writing style used must be smaller and tighter. Grid paper, dotted-grid paper, and narrow-ruled papers also exist. Narrow-ruled paper has the tightest margins, while wide-ruled (legal-ruled) paper has the widest margin. All styles come in notebooks with spiral edges, bound edges or as loose leaf paper.

For classrooms, business meetings and other events, notepads provide the space needed to write down information, take notes and jot down ideas. Staples has a variety of styles for students, business people and individuals.

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