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Custom Sticky Notes

Custom sticky notes give you the ability to print your contact information on each sheet. This allows vendors, coworkers, or clients to reach you easily if they have questions about your note. You can also include different printed text or choose specialized shapes and sizes for your memos.

Eye-Catching Color
Custom sticky notes give you full control over the color and look of the note. Choose a striking, eye-catching color for notes that share important information and require priority attention. Pick a softer color for occasional reminders and greetings left for coworkers or family members.

Simple Organization
Sticky notes make it easy to organize items for tracking or create plans and to-do lists. Create grids and forms for your custom notes so employees may more easily enter and review information. To keep your notes from crinkling or scattering before you use them, place them in high-quality note dispensers.

Effective Marketing
Custom sticky notes make it easy to share business contact information in a way that is useful and valuable for customers. Providing consumers with tailor-made adhesive notepads is a great way to ensure they keep your company's name and number close at hand. Include the notes as a thank-you gift with purchases or as an incentive for frequent shoppers.

Durable Adhesives
The strong adhesives used on sticky notes let you attach them to boxes, cubicle walls, and almost any dry surface. The adhesive ensures the notes stay in place until you remove them, and the sticky material can often adhere to a surface multiple times. This makes the notes invaluable for planning future operations or evaluating marketing ideas with groups.
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Custom Post-It® Notes
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  • Type: Sticky Notes
  • Usage: Business
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10 pads of 50 sheets