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Bassett Mirror Mirrors

Dress up the walls of your home or office with French-style wall-mounted mirrors and decorative, hand-crafted models crafted by master artisans. Choose from bell-shaped jewelry armoire combination mirrors and modern bathroom mirrors for an elegant touch.

Lighted Mirrors
Install a LED lighted mirror in the comfort of your own home for flawless makeup application each morning or add an elegant touch to an office bathroom with an easy hanging system with invisible rubber trim. Rectangular shaped mirrors hang vertically and feature 50,000 hour LED bulbs. Get a close-up look at your face or body with an adjustable, fog-free, wall-mount lighted mirror that features an extension arm and one to seven times magnification options.

Elegant Decor
Add a traditional, contemporary or modern touch to the walls of your home or office with framed decorative mirrors in a crisscross design with black finishing or a modern, metal-framed construction. Show off your sense of style with a traditional, freestanding butterfly designed mirror or French window pattern on the forefront of the wall-mounted mirror. Top styles are available with silver, metal, black, or nickel finishing to accent low-key traditional decor or modern, sleek styles.

Sporty Framed Mirrors
Get a clear look at yourself and show off your team spirit with framed mirrors designed with sports logos. Trademark team logo framed mirrors feature high quality logo prints wrapped in a black, wood frame. Share team spirit by hanging the mirrored glass accent in the man cave or gift this treasure to a fellow sports fan. The framed art includes mounted saw tooth hangers for easy mounting and suspending at home or the office.

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Bassett Mirror Neo Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078276272212 / Model : M3048BEC
  • Wood frame that encapsulates two rows of mirror panels
  • Perimeter beveled scratch resistant glass
  • Wood and mirror panel frame
Bassett Mirror Perguson Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277105549 / Model : M3659BEC
  • Black and Clear Beveled Mirror Segments
  • Interwoven Design
  • Modern art styling
Bassett Mirror Denton Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751896 / Model : M3707EC
  • Finish: White lacquer and brass
  • Wood frame
  • Riveted brass corners
Bassett Mirror Dawson Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751897 / Model : M3709EC
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Wood frame
  • Circle motif overlay
Bassett Mirror Beaded Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078276504835 / Model : M1946BEC
  • Premium all wood frame
  • Tastful bead detail
  • Fully perimeter beveled glass
Bassett Mirror Bowen Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277105179 / Model : M3648EC
  • Wagon wheel semi-circular mirror
  • Rusticated painted gunmetal finish
  • Frame Shape: Round
Bassett Mirror Dayton Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751922 / Model : M3717BEC
  • Material: Antique pewter
  • Bold industrial design
  • Frame Shape: Square
Bassett Mirror La Scala Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078276398859 / Model : 6312-1713EC
  • Made of wood
  • Bevel wall mirror
  • Antique theme
Bassett Mirror Brandon Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277105577 / Model : M3661EC
  • Finish: True gold leaf
  • Style: Mid-century
  • Frame Shape: Rectangle
Bassett Mirror Putnam Cheval Mirror; White
Item: WYF078276672703 / Model : M3067BEC
  • Premium all wood frame
  • Wide and substantial frame molding
  • Full perimiter of beveled glass
Bassett Mirror Shelby Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751892 / Model : M3701BEC
  • Finish: Distresses silver
  • Wood frame
  • Shape: Oval
Bassett Mirror Arched Shutter Mirror
Item: WYF078276398890 / Model : m1925EC
  • Made of wood
  • Venetian blind theme
  • Vertical orientation
Bassett Mirror Cobalt Blue Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277104001 / Model : M3633EC
  • Design: Classic
  • Eye Popping Cobalt Blue Frame
  • Large size creates depth
Bassett Mirror Moravia Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751822 / Model : M3685EC
  • Finish: Gold leaf
  • Faceted stay motif
  • Traditional style
Bassett Mirror Adira Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277104220 / Model : M3657EC
  • Popular quadrafoil design
  • Indivuidual beveled mirror segments
  • Creates depth and motion
Bassett Mirror Kirk Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751923 / Model : M3718EC
  • Material: Antique metal
  • Bold industrial design
  • Frame Shape: Round
Bassett Mirror Barrington Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751893 / Model : M3702BEC
  • Finish: Distresses gray
  • Wood frame
  • Hand beveled glass
Bassett Mirror Roma Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078276348246 / Model : 6357-1764EC
  • Made of wood
  • Beveled Glass
  • Antique Vine theme
Bassett Mirror Highland Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277753376 / Model : M3695EC
  • Wood frame
  • Weathered finish
  • Quatrofoil overlay
Bassett Mirror Zane Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277105744 / Model : M3621BEC
  • Finish: Stunning gold leaf
  • Beautiful beveled mirror glass
  • Radiant concentric circle design
Bassett Mirror Logan Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277103540 / Model : M3644EC
  • Finish: Weathered driftwood
  • Soft yet bold stepped molding
  • Frame Shape: Oval
Bassett Mirror Venetian Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078276504839 / Model : M3233EC
  • True premium Venetian glass frame
  • Patterns are ground/cut from the back of the glass
  • Old Word Style
Bassett Mirror Quincy Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277105628 / Model : M3663EC
  • Weathered rusticated molding
  • Textured Molding
  • Frame Shape: Square
Bassett Mirror Zander Wall Mirror
Item: WYF078277751708 / Model : M3670EC
  • Color: Cobalt blue
  • Pleated mirror frame
  • Frame Shape: Sunburst