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Display Cases

Upgrade your retail space with these elegant display cases. Each one is designed to hold one or more items, so you can use them alone or in tandem to create custom displays. Choose from a range of products, including hooks, shelves, and towers.

Maximum Visibility
Allow the beauty of your merchandise to shine through the clear display cases, which blend into the background to make your products the focal point. Use transparent acrylic risers and step displays to create levels without impeding your customers' views. With cube-style displays, you can highlight details and keep your items safe from accidental bumps or drops. 

Flexible Configurations
Many cases and stands are designed to work with standard hardware, so you can create a custom configuration. Pegboard displays are compatible with most standard hooks and hangrails, making them a perfect choice for rotating seasonal merchandise. For hanging merchandise, opt for freestanding ladder systems, which accept a variety of brackets. 

Easy Access
Give your customers the freedom to peruse merchandise with open cases. A freestanding floor display enables customers to see items on all sides. Keep small items in order without impeding access by using lipstick holders and compartmentalized display boxes. Displays are available in a range of shapes, from easel-style standing units to cylindrical tubes that hold bracelets and headbands.

Stable Construction
These display cases are manufactured with sturdy, long-lasting materials that hold their shape under full loads. Each model is designed for maximum stability, so your merchandise stays in place even when it is bumped on a busy retail floor. For heavy loads, choose displays made from metal or high-strength acrylic. Plastic models are ideal for lightweight merchandise and countertop displays.


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