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Graphing Calculators

These graphing calculators make working on difficult math problems quicker and easier. Use the large screen and internal memory to keep track of multiple data points. Each calculator has many functions standard and science calculators don't, resulting in a multipurpose tool.

Large Screens
Graphing calculators are used for lengthier, more detailed calculations, so each one includes a large screen that lets you see multiple lines of data at once. These screens are perfect for showcasing charts and graphs, so you don't have to draw things on your own. Some options feature a color screen, giving you more detail and options on graphs and letting you easily differentiate between different data points.

Multiple Features
Unlike basic calculators that typically feature basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functions, these high powered graphing calculators can perform more complex actions. For example, you can easily create lists, make graphs, and input long equations on these calculators. They also have the ability to use letters instead of just numbers and symbols.

Internal Memory
Each of these calculators features a small amount of internal flash memory as well as enough RAM to effortlessly run the software. This memory allows you to save data such as lists and equations for future use. Since these calculators are so advanced, they also include many options and settings, which the internal memory stores for ease of use.

Multiple Styles
Choose from multiple styles of graphing calculators to ensure your specific needs are met. Some feature removable face plates, so you can customize your calculator to better fit your preferences and personality. Different brands offer various button layouts and overall designs as well, providing your with plenty of choices to find one that feels the most comfortable to use.


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