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Magnavox TVs

When you're looking for the right TV to fulfill your entertainment needs at home, consider the variety of features available among Magnavox TVs. Choose a model with the resolution, entertainment capabilities, sound features and input options that you need. Whether you want to watch high-resolution DVDs or stream media through Wi-Fi, you can find a fitting option from Magnavox.

Magnavox TVs Support Virtually Any Type of Media Experience
A built-in DVD player can simplify your entertainment center, so you don't have to buy a separate DVD system to play your favorite movies. This cost-efficient option also minimizes the number of remotes you need to keep track of and will support a whole range of disk types, including audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW. If traditional TV is your preference, consider a built-in digital tuner, which automatically converts analog TV signals to digital so you can enjoy over-the-air broadcasts from your favorite local TV stations for free, without the need to pay for a digital converter box.

Choose a Magnavox with smart TV and Wi-Fi capabilities if you prefer to access and stream on-demand entertainment from channels like Netflix, YouTube and Pandora. With a TV with built-in Wi-Fi, you can access these channels by simply connecting to your home's wireless internet network. If you prefer to use wired internet, choose a model with Ethernet connectivity. Keep in mind you will need a service plan with an internet provider to utilize these features.

Choose a Model with Superb Visual and Audio Quality
Most Magnavox TVs offer resolutions of either 720p or 1080p, promising sharp picture quality. A 720p TV has 720 horizontal lines of pixels on the screen, while 1080p has 1,080 lines of pixels. A 1080p model is a sharper choice, but keep in mind that some TV broadcasts are made in 720 quality, so your TV's resolution won't make a difference in those cases. Resolution isn't the only display factor that's important. A motion rating of 120 will ensure movements are clear so that even fast action looks smooth and continuous. A thin bezel, the area of display at the front of the screen, provides an optimal viewing experience. For an impressive display, choose a large 39-inch model, or opt for a 32-inch Magnavox TV for a more space-efficient choice. You can also choose between LED and LCD backlighting options. While LCDs use cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs), LED TVs have smaller, more efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs). Choose a TV with surround sound technology for an immersive experience.

Which Inputs and Outputs Does Your Magnavox TV Need?
If you want the option to use your TV as a computer monitor, make sure the model incorporates PC monitor inputs such as VGA or HDMI. HDMI inputs support connections to multiple media devices, including game systems and PCs. A diverse range of AV inputs will ensure you can link up to any type of device. If you want to keep your sound level to a minimum while watching movies or playing games, choose a model with a headphone output.
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Magnavox® 32" LED TV/DVD Combo, 31 1/2", 720p, Black (32MD304V)
Item : MVX32MD304V / Model : 32MD304V
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  • LED TV with built-in DVD player.
  • LED/DVD combo with a built-in capable DVD player, integrated digital tuner, the 32MD304V enriches the total viewing experience with its 720p HD picture, LED backlight, DTS TruSurround™ audio and versatile set of AV inputs.
  • Brand: Magnavox®
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