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Personal Finance Software

Personal finance software is a beneficial tool that helps you stay on top of your budget. These programs come with a variety of features that make easy work of record keeping when it comes to income and expenses. They're compatible with PCs, Macs and mobile devices for versatility across multiple platforms. Use them at home or access the information on the go with mobile apps. Shop Staples to find the best personal finance software for your household needs.

Compare Expenses on a Monthly Basis
With personal finance budget software, you can get a crystal clear view on all monthly expenses. Monitor utility bills, groceries, gas and even miscellaneous purchases such as clothing and household essentials to identify areas where you can cut back on costs. Classify each expense to a specific account and sort into a spreadsheet or chart. You can create as many accounts as you need within the program to allocate purchases.

Get Foresight Into Income and Expenses
One benefit of personal finance software is that many have intuitive foresight based on previous habits. They display upcoming paychecks and bills along with due dates, so you can avoid making late payments or missing them altogether. Set up custom alerts to notify you of any significant changes such as overspending in a particular expense category or when a large deposit is made.

Link Personal Finance Software with Bank Accounts
A handy feature of most budgeting and finance software programs is that you can link them to your personal bank account, even if you have several at different banking institutions. Programs like Quicken display your entire cash flow on a single page, giving you a complete overview of your financial standing. Once you link your bank account, you can add software like VersaCheck to print checks right from your home printer and save money instead of ordering from the bank or a third-party service. All data and banking information is protected by 256-bit encryption security.

Create Budgets and Get out of Debt
If you're looking to cut expenses or pay down debt, take advantage of budgeting features. These functions take past purchases into consideration and create a budget that's not only easy to monitor, but also customizable as needed. You can import credit card accounts and keep an eye on your usage and balances, and even monitor your credit score. Advanced versions include features that help you save up to buy a house and also to plan for retirement.

Enjoy Added Benefits
If you use the programs to log all income and expenses for the entire year, it simplifies tax time. Export the information to a tax software program like TurboTax for preparation. Simple setup gets you started quickly, particularly with features designed for personal use. Use your smartphone to take pictures of receipts and store them in the platform as proof for taxes and expense write-offs.

These programs often come with 24/7 support that you can reach through email, live chat or telephone. Select companies offer a satisfaction guarantee with a money-back option if the software doesn't suit your needs.
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Nolo Quicken WillMaker Plus 2016 for Windows (1 User) [Download]
Item : 2408588 / Model : LRYM4P5299S45KA
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  • Easy interview format lets you complete documents at your own pace User-friendly legal manual answers common questions Quicken WillMaker Plus is the original will-writing software, written and updated regularly by Nolo’s expert attorneys.
  • New Features Updated with new estate and gift law tax information New document: Letter to Survivors Improved property worksheet Free - Living Trust! Spare your family from the hassle and expense of probate court as they carry out your wishes.
  • Your Final Arrangements Plan a funeral or other ceremony and ease the burden on your loved ones. Describe your preferences for burial, cremation, memorials, obituaries, and more, and select someone to oversee your final arrangements.
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