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Countertop Ovens, Griddles & Ranges

Keep your food hot and ready for service with these convenient portable stoves. They can be used in the kitchen or at offsite locations, making them flexible additions to your kitchen arsenal. Choose the best product for your operation from brands like Update International, Thunder Group, and Nemco.

Portable Design
Each of these portable stoves is designed with a compact footprint that fits easily on a counter or table. Whether you're in charge of catering a full dinner or simply entertaining friends and guests, these stoves are lightweight enough to pack up and take to weddings, parties, and other social gatherings. The sturdy metal frames hold up well to the bumps and impacts that occur during transport and standard catering operations.

Efficient Heating
Choose between gas and electric stoves, depending on your cooking preferences. Electric stoves are easy to operate, making them ideal for warming foods and basic cooking. If you want greater control, select a gas stove, which enables you to regulate heat efficiently. For quicker boiling, choose an induction range.

Easy Operation
Streamline the food preparation process with user-friendly portable stoves. Most models use a standard power connection, so you can plug them in with an extension cord, flip a switch, and start cooking. Heat selectors give you the power to choose the temperature level that is best for each dish. Each stove is suitable for use with most standard commercial cookware.

Convenient Sizes
A single-burner stove is a space-saving option for events that requires the occasional warming of food or cooking of a sauce. If you're preparing a larger meal at a remote location, opt for double-burner stoves. Since each unit moves separately, you can combine units to accommodate any type of cooking requirements.


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