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Reading Comprehension Books

Reading Comprehension Books- Age-Appropriate ChallengesUse these reading comprehension books to help students learn and improve language skills. The easy-to-follow lessons ensure students can keep up while challenging their minds. There are books for all grade and age groups, making the books a good resource for a variety of educational facilities.Use the Format Best for Your ClassWhether your classroom is outfitted with the latest technology or you are working with the basics, you can get these reading comprehension books in a format that works best for your needs. Available as regular print books or on digital media such as DVDs and CDs, the media variety lets you get creative with lesson plans and in-class activities. Put in a DVD for an interactive class lesson or provide each child with a book for independent study.Different Activities for Different Learning StylesThese books feature a variety of lesson types in different formats to address the many ways students learn and help keep them remain engaged in the process. Encourage letter, shape, and color recognition with basic workbooks that use simple techniques such as matching and tracing, or help more advanced students practice their critical thinking skills with fiction and non-fiction text-based questions. These reading comprehension books provide students with exactly what they need to advance to the next level of learning.Designed to Last the School YearMade from durable materials, each of these reading comprehension books are crafted to withstand the harsh treatment that educational resources often undergo. Use literature organizers, including magazine racks, to help keep the books organized, out of harm's way, and in one place for easy access.


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