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Science Resources

Teachers and parents alike can select from a large array of educational science resources for the classroom and the home. Give your children the gift of exploration when you enchant them with kid-friendly kits, books, and charts, or design your own experiments with high-quality lab supplies.

Exciting Variety
Whether you are a teacher, parent, or child-care worker, these science resources provide an effective solution to help you encourage your students' or children's interest in science and health. From quality lab gear to safety materials to electronic media, there is truly something for every purpose. Among the popular resource themes are healthy food choices, microscopic objects and samples, rock formations, human anatomy, insects, worms, and other animals.

Interactive Experiences
In addition to many different forms of reading and teaching materials, these resources include a huge selection of hands-on learning supplies to fully engage a child's attention and enthusiasm. There are interactive options for every approach to teaching, including microscopes, experiment kits, prepared slides, magnetic dioramas, and educational models of things such as the human brain.

Helping Children Grow
Children of all ages can learn from these science resources. Infants can enjoy colorful space-themed toys. Preschoolers and kindergartners can gain knowledge while they read and play with a wide selection of books, magnets, and toys. Elementary, junior high, and high school students have access to many educational tools, including more advanced lab and experiment equipment. Not only do these resources teach children scientific facts, but they also help children develop important observational and critical thinking skills with the use of personal activity journals and mental exercises.

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Dunecraft Growing LED Light Stick
Item : 1586553 / Model : LR2561
  • Product Type: Light Stick
  • Designed for lighting plants of all sizes
  • Includes 15 super bright micro LED s with 4 light settings
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Dunecraft Space Sand Refill, White
Item : 138086 / Model : DN-SSB009
  • Age group and grade: Ages 3 and Up
  • Subject: Science labs, experiments and equipment
  • Sand is actually the closest thing to sand on mars, and it is used in NASA , mars exploration classroom experiments
Dunecraft Super Snow Science Bucket
Item : 935061 / Model : DN-NC0798
  • Age group and grade: Grades pre kindergarten - 12th
  • Subject: Science activities
  • Simply stir the powder into water and watch it turn into fluffy, sparkling and shiny snow
Dunecraft Sea-Quarium Deluxe Edition
Item : 1586539 / Model : LR2562
  • Product Type: Sea-Quarium
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Includes LED light, hydro-pump, gravel, decal, growing & care instructions