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Social Studies Books

Social Studies Books- Interactive LessonsSpend less time planning lessons when you use these social studies books that include reproducible worksheets and fun-filled projects. These books keep students interested while you teach, and the lessons prepare them for tests. Find books, study materials, and activity resources for every grade.HistoryThe topic of social studies encompasses the history of modern and ancient civilizations, and these books use colorful graphics and interesting trivia to bring history to life for your students and keep them engaged in your lessons. Social studies books on national history make it easy for you to explain the basics of government with weekly lesson plans and activities.Current EventsYour students often hear about world events, and these materials show them where conflicts occur and help them understand how geography affects global happenings. Social studies books about art, culture, and foreign languages give your students an understanding of other nations and cultures and offer a chance for you to teach a global perspective. Use democracy-themed resources to set up mock elections in your classroom and teach students about the rights and responsibilities of voting.Interactive ResourcesStudents often absorb information better when they have activities to go along with the lesson, and these interactive resources summarize and reinforce what you're teaching. Let students color in maps to test their geography knowledge, or have classmates quiz one another with flash cards to give you time to work with students individually. These social studies books and resource books include reproducible worksheets, art projects, and cultural modules that you can use as needed, saving you the time and effort of crafting detailed lessons.


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