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Spelling Books

Spelling Books- Boost Spelling Skills and Improve LiteracySpelling books and exercises help kids quickly improve their reading and writing skills. Books from Spectrum, Scholastic, and Evan-Moor work with your current curriculum. Use spelling books to introduce the concept of sounding out words and to help advanced learners tackle complex vocabulary.Phonics SkillsSpelling books that introduce phonics concepts to young learners help kids understand how different sounds form into words, making it easier to figure out how to read and spell new words. Learning about hard and soft sounds, long and short vowels, and the differences between consonants and vowels helps students gain insight into why words are spelled and pronounced in specific ways.Advanced VocabularyOlder children and advanced students can improve their reading and writing skills with spelling books that include increasingly difficult exercises intended to challenge young minds, and books correlated to state standards ensure adequate preparation for required standardized tests. Advanced spelling and vocabulary lessons cover concepts that include prefixes, suffixes, contractions, and compound words, and age-appropriate lessons present new concepts in ways children can easily grasp. Using a combination of spelling books and vocabulary skills books is an easy way to create a comprehensive lesson that enhances a child's reading ability.Fun ExercisesFun exercises in spelling books, including word scrambles, word searches, and crossword puzzles, make learning how to spell more enjoyable. Spelling toys, such as dice and tiles that feature individual letters or letter combinations, let kids physically manipulate the sounds they know, ensuring that the lesson engages multiple senses at once. Spelling games let kids compete against others in their class or against their own previous efforts, adding another challenging element to the desire to learn.


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