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Brightsign Streaming Media Players

A streaming media player, also known as a digital / network media player, allows you to turn every workstation at the office or display screen at home into a multimedia theater. These media streaming devices function like network servers with consumer interfaces. A streaming media player from popular manufacturers such as Netgear and Western Digital lets you share your digital content across multiple devices, so more than one user can enjoy your movie, photo, music, or audiobook library.

Live Streaming
A network media player streams content from the Internet and an assortment of content providers, such as Netflix and Hulu. Using a digital media player like D-Link's Boxee Box will give you access to on-demand TV as well as special media content from the manufacturer of the box. With a live-streaming media player, you don't need to maintain your own library of multimedia material.

Digital Video Recording Capabilities
Browse our network media player selection for models that include digital video recorder capabilities so you can capture your favorite streaming media for later viewing. The Belkin TV Plus, for example, ensures you never miss a broadcast show or event and can even stream its recorded content to your mobile devices. These types of independent media streaming devices give you more flexibility than the DVR systems that are bundled with cable or satellite TV boxes.

High-Definition Broadcasting
Enjoy crystal-clear, high-definition video with digital media players that include HD compatibility. Pick a player with an HDMI port, and connect it to an HDTV to get the most out of your movie collection and streaming videos. Many media streaming devices support full 1080p HD viewing and two-channel stereo audio, and with a high-speed Internet connection, streaming content will look just as good as content played from a DVD.

Maximize the enjoyment your network provides you with a new streaming media player.  With a diverse and full range of computer networking products, from necessities like modems to entertaining media players to NAS drives and wireless security cameras that deliver peace of mind and safeguard your data and property, Staples has everything even the most advanced network could ever need. 


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