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Streaming Media Players

Outfit your home or office with the best streaming media players on the market, which are available at Staples. App-based wireless streaming media players make it easy to watch movies and TV shows, play games, surf the web and more from the convenience of the couch or conference room. Built for easy connection to a variety of devices, streaming media players for TV make it quick and simple to access a wide variety of on-demand videos and features when it's convenient for the user.

Cordless Design
Wireless streaming media players let viewers watch popular television and movies at the touch of a button, without complicated cord configurations. Many devices connect to televisions wirelessly, eliminating the need for unsightly wires. The best streaming media players give users greater freedom to place the device where it is convenient rather than where it fits based on the length of its cord.

Easy to Connect
Streaming media players for TV make it simple to access videos on demand. Many devices take just moments to connect to the TV for quick access to a wide variety of programming. Wireless streaming media player accessories, like remotes, make it easier to use the devices and browse through their apps and services.

HDMI Compatible
The best streaming media players offer HDMI compatibility for a high-definition viewing experience. Some devices with this feature plug directly into the television using the device's HDMI port for a seamless connection. Others connect wirelessly, but still offer the same high-quality picture. Many come equipped with HDMI extender cables to allow for use at greater distances.

Access a Wide Variety of Media
With so many of the best streaming media players available to choose from at Staples, it is easy to pick one that comes equipped with the right features for use at the home or office. Some offer strictly streaming on-demand video services. Other wireless streaming media players go beyond just video, offering web surfing, gaming and more.


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