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Tracheostomy Brushes & Care Kits

Sterile tracheostomy brushes fit into the tubing used to keep a tracheotomy open to allow for a complete clean.

Prevent Bacteria and Illness
Keeping a tracheostomy clean is vital, so you can breathe easy. A tracheostomy tube that becomes dirty or goes without cleaning can be damaged or result in the build up of bacteria that could harm you and make you sick. Clean your tracheostomy with tracheostomy brushes, which are made with sterile materials to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Support and Secure Your Child's Tracheostomy
A tracheostomy can be difficult for a child, so using a tracheostomy tube holder can help keep the tubing in place to make breathing easier. With Velcro added to hold the tubing in place, the holders are easy to put into position or to remove from your child's tracheostomy tubing. Use these helpful holders to prevent the tubing from being dislodged during movement or to prevent a child from pulling it out of his throat. Tube holders come in multipacks or individually, so you can choose to buy as many as you need.

Easily Clean Your Tracheostomy
Tracheostomy tubes are able to be thrown out and replaced, but you can preserve the life of yours by choosing to clean it with tracheostomy brushes. The brushes can be purchased in multipacks, so you always have one ready when you need to clean your tubing. If you're a doctor or medical provider, having multiple brushes at the office allows you to show patients what they need and how to clean their tracheostomy tubing while having extra brushes to give them to take home.


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