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Your office relies on specimen collection supplies to ensure that samples are collected in a sanitary and consistent manner, and that they maintain sample integrity to remain secure and correctly identified. Proper supplies provide confidence for you and your patients.

Latex-Free Materials
Latex allergies can cause severe and dangerous reactions, and they are an increasingly prevalent concern. Many of these specimen collection supplies are constructed from latex-free plastics, assuring you and your clients that the collection process is safe and healthy.

Collection Kits and Individual Container Options
Many pre-packaged collection kits come in a variety of options, providing your clients with everything they require to deliver a sample perfectly suited to your needs. Included instruction sheets eliminate user confusion, so patients know they are using materials correctly, and you know you're getting consistent sample collection and management. You may also choose from a selection of individual containers and collection tools, purchasing only the items you need.

Labels for Easy Identification
Samples are likely to change hands several times while being collected and tested, and each transfer presents an opportunity for error. To help maintain the integrity of samples throughout the collection and transportation process, many containers and collection vessels include integrated labels where appropriate. Simply record essential information with a permanent marker, and the sample is readily identified. Clearly marked labels make it easy for patients to fill in their own data.

Sterile and Non-Sterile Options
Sterile specimen collection supplies have antimicrobial coatings for greater sample integrity. However, this level of specimen management is not always necessary. When the samples you are collecting don't require antimicrobial protection, you may choose cost-saving non-sterile options.

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Medline Sterile Specimen Containers
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