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Apps for Family and Home

Get useful and fun apps for home and family

The number of tablet apps designed for you and your family is growing fast. Whatever your individual or collective interests there are bound to be apps that make them easier, add new dimensions or simply introduce an element of fun.

Love shopping? You'll revel in your ability to summon up the awesome power of the internet to hunt down a bargain using comparison websites and barcode scanning technology.

If bargains are your thing, make sure you get the Groupon tablet app loaded up as soon as you can. Your tablet's GPS means you can find local deals and buy goods and services wherever you are, and keep track of all your activity, too.

And if you like songs while you shop, discover apps like Pandora and start personalising all your favorite music so you can stream it on demand.

Don't forget there are also thousands of tablet app games designed for playing alone, or in groups. Even learning is an entirely different experience when a tablet is involved.

New tablet app releases become available every week, so be sure to check regularly at your tablet manufacturer's app marketplace to get the very best experience from your device.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

If you haven't discovered it already, make a point of downloading the Angry Birds app for your tablet. You'll quickly see why this game has had over 50 million downloads worldwide since its release.

This is a highly addictive adventure where you control a slingshot from which you launch birds at pigs concealed in a variety of protective structures with the intention of eliminating them. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

It's a funny, stylish game with great sound effects. But be warned - you may pick it up to kill a few idle minutes and then realize you've lost an hour.

Grocery IQ Tablet

Grocery IQ

Just what you need to get organized at the store - a shopping list app that helps you organize your shopping. It even syncs with your Android phone for maximum portability.

With this app set up on your tablet, you can build new lists quickly by saying the name of an item or by using a predictive search. You can then sync or share your lists with other Grocery IQ users.

You can even bring up your lists at, edit them to your complete satisfaction and then sync them to your tablet to review in store.

Google Body

Google Body

Here's a fascinating app for exploring the intricacies of the human body.

Google Body is aimed at students or anyone who has an interest in human anatomy.

You can use your tablet's large screen to explore 3D models in an interactive way - search for organs, muscle groups and arteries and even rotate the 3D figure to get an excellent appreciation of this most complex of machines.

Scrabble Words Finder

Scrablle Words Finder

One of the all time favorite word games, Scrabble Words Finder has successfully made the transition to the tablet platform.

Either on your own or with friends, you can use your tablet to follow scores and validate words.

Players can also save their name and score details, and set answer times to intensify the pressure of the game.



This Honeycomb app allows you to design your own alter-ego in the style of a cartoon android, and use it as a playful identity when communicating via email and social networking.

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