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Using your tabletMaking the most of your device in everyday life.

Small big business tool

Tablet: effective business tool

Out of town, but still in touch

It may be slim and lightweight, but your tablet certainly holds its own as an effective business tool.

With a simple tap-screen interface and on-screen keyboard, a key area in which tablets are making business easier is communications. Wherever you or your team is based in an office, on a building site or deep in the field with internet connectivity allied to a tablet, you'll be empowered like never before. Take a look at some of the videos in our Learn About Tablets pages to see the awesome capabilities of these machines.

Email and browsing are lightning fast, and data can be uploaded to the cloud directly from its source and available for all in your organization to see and use.

Any role that formerly employed a clipboard and pen is now ripe for a tablet takeover and the timesaving that comes with it. Now, all kinds of information from consumer polls and technical surveys, to photographs, videos and written reports, can be gathered locally and distributed globally using a tablet.

Schedules, calendars and project updates can be shared, synchronized and updated in real time. Put your team where it's most effective, and with tablets in their hands you'll control the information you need to make every business decision the right one.

Whenever you're on the move, tablets' ease of use and connectivity mean you can integrate centralized or cloud-based databases, keep an eye on sales performance, manage key accounts and monitor customer relationships.

Naturally all the standard business software for word processing, accounts, spreadsheets, forms, presentations and databases is all readily usable on most tablets, too.

Has a particular feature of your tablet really captured your business imagination? Take a moment to share your tips using the comments box below.

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