Boost Wireless Network Speeds the Easy Way

Streamline your network connection with one easy strategy.

Sluggish, tired and lackluster: Do these words come to mind when you think of your wireless connection? If they do, it’s time to change the vocabulary.

A number of strategies can be beneficial for increasing wireless speed. Sometimes, however, all it takes is a simple one: moving your router.

Household appliances, office equipment and other wireless devices can all emit signals that interfere with a wireless router. Even a neighbor could be the source of trouble, if that person has a router that’s close to yours.

Try repositioning the router in a few different spots throughout your home or office and do a speed test at each location. In some cases, it might be advisable to relocate the router to a more central spot rather than a technology closet or basement, especially if multiple PCs and devices are connecting through that base.

For a surefire way to zoom even faster, check out our article, "What a Faster PC Could Mean for Your Business," or talk to a Staples in-store associate about strategies for merging onto the fast lane.

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