2" Binders

Even in a world increasingly defined by automation and paperless communication, busy offices still need 2-inch binders to organize files and paperwork. Students and teachers also require binders to store and sort homework, lecture notes and other records throughout the year.

Important Considerations for 2-inch Binders
Binders are available with a variety of cover styles. Folders with clear display fronts, backs and spines create customizable display areas for sales brochures, cover pages for reports and individual client packets. Nonstick view binders allow for faster change-outs without leaving behind any ink or paper residue. Binders with front and rear internal pockets provide extra spots for important handouts, receipts, invoices and crucial paperwork you need readily available. Label holders on the outer spine make it easier to keep and reference records when binders are stored on shelves.

Purchasing 2-inch binders for the office in different colors facilitates color-coding systems or simply allows for personal expression. Colored binders are fun and useful for young students to stay on top of the school year and learn good study habits. Vinyl exteriors resist the elements to keep the contents secure and dry. Most 2-inch binders can hold several hundred sheets of paper, ideal for an entire school year's worth of notes or a quarter's worth of client billing statements.

How To Choose Different Styles of Binders
D-ring binders have a specialized design, so pages are less likely to tear or rip when you're looking for something in a hurry. D-rings also can hold more paper than traditional round rings, making them suitable for offices that need to maximize storage. Extra-durable hinges can withstand frequent use in busy offices and households. One-touch opening mechanisms allow for faster, one-handed access, ideal for offices and students alike. Textured, linen-like covers offer a nice touch of style for binders that are on display. Additional die-cut slots hold other significant materials like business cards.

Who Needs 2-inch Binders?
Busy moms can manage an entire household's schedule, keeping track of dental records, vet visits, report cards and vacation itineraries. Large binders can also hold spiral notebooks together so packing up for class is fast and easy. If you're constantly on the go and need to know that all your paperwork is in the same place, a 2-inch binder for the office keeps everything neatly stashed.

What Are Other Features To Look for in Binders?
Binders that include recycled post-consumer content help you go green at the office or home. Some binders are also made of recyclable polypropylene so you can dispose of them responsibly when you no longer need them. Acid-free binders are archival-safe for precious family photos and scrapbooking.

What Are Other Common Uses for Binders?
Anyone who archives physical media like CDs and DVDs for work can use a binder to keep disks protected and neatly ordered. Keeping your favorite recipes sorted and easily divided within a binder makes them easy to reference while you're cooking. Binders also store personal items like bank statements, tax receipts, financial records and utility bills. Binders, along with tabbed dividers, allow anyone to create simple filing systems by month, client name or year.