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Apple Ink & Toner at Staples
  • Apple has not manufactured printers since the early 1990s, with the introduction of the StyleWriter printer. Apple later discontinued the manufacture of the StyleWriter printers. However, the company still boasts advanced printing technology in its promotion of HP and Epson printers. Whether users need genuine Apple ink cartridges for an older Apple StyleWriter printer, or are searching for Apple printer cartridges for an Epson or HP printer purchased from Apple, Staples has what is needed to keep business flowing.

    Tailored HP Printing

    HP tailors its ink cartridges to its users. Different applications, such as professional, home office or photo printing, help to determine the advanced technological features in each Apple ink cartridge. Photographers can print archival-quality images for clients thanks to HP's numerous photo-versatile inks. Other Apple printer cartridges by HP include those for all-in-one printers, which are ideal for home offices and smaller businesses.

    Epson Printer Cartridges

    Epson's high-density pigments in multiple Apple printer cartridges make it easy to achieve top-quality printing results on a more restricted budget. Multiple levels of each hue offer a greater variety of color options in photos, color images and other professional documents. These Apple ink cartridges by Epson result in prints that last, so images and text do not fade over time. Smaller ink particles make printing more exact. Enjoy precise ink droplet placement consistently with every print job thanks to the microscopic technology contained in each Apple printer cartridge.

    Eco-Friendly Recycling

    Ensure a smaller environmental footprint by recycling empty Apple ink cartridges. Both Epson and HP offer convenient recycling programs. HP uses a "closed loop" recycling system with which plastic from used cartridges is used to make remanufactured ink cartridges. Users can either drop off old HP cartridges at Staples or mail them directly to the manufacturer. The Epson Recycling Program also accepts used items to create remanufactured ink cartridges. Epson's stewardship program not only prevents hazardous equipment from being placed in landfills but also reduces the overall amount of waste created to make compatible ink cartridges.