Meet Our Experts

Meet our Experts.

Our Experts set us apart. From specialized category Experts to certified industry professionals, we're here to provide the insights and advice your business needs to succeed.

Featured Experts

Myla B.

Education Expert

I'm passionate about building thoughtfully curated assortments so that students and teachers today have exactly what they need, from STEM products to the trendiest must-haves!

Michelle C.

Breakroom Expert

We're evolving the breakroom. I thrive in this dynamic category that helps keep everyone happy and productive by curating an assortment of products that balances tastes and trends.

Jake S.

Sustainability Expert

My passion for sustainability drives me to help Staples reduce waste, carbon emissions, and promote greener products with our Eco-ID badge and sustainable procurement programs.

Sasha B.

Workplace Expert

Office furniture literally defines workspaces. That's why we're always listening to our customers to design, test, and manufacture the furniture that our customers need most.

Meet Our Experts

Gary P.

Facilities Expert

I'm an avid problem solver, passionate about giving our customers the best value by providing them with full solutions to meet their needs, rather than just products.

Rachel P.

Printers Expert

Printers can be complex and overwhelming. I love that we provide everything from paper, ink and toner to setup and warranties to simplify the buying process for our customers.

Antar J.

Delivery Expert

My most rewarding customer interactions are when I can help during my deliveries, like carrying something upstairs when needed. These moments of support make me proud.

Avery C.

Technology Expert

I look at market data to ensure I advise customers on the best products. It's exciting to be at the forefront of influencing the tech market with the right product recommendations.

Trimica W.

Customer Service Expert

I love solving customers' problems and delighting them with excellent service. It's our mission to provide an effortless experience and to meet them where they need us most.

Brett L.

Office Supplies Expert

I sharpen my expertise by researching trends, attending trade shows, and engaging with customers. Seeing customers' satisfaction with products as personal as writing supplies brings me joy.

Cyndy M.

Chair Expert

I take pride in knowing that I help customers find chairs that meet their unique needs, whether it's for spending long hours at the office or collaborating in educational spaces.

Aaron L.

Product Quality Expert

I love that I get to directly shape the customer experience by ensuring that the products we develop consistently meet all specifications and rigorous quality requirements.

Gary S.

Shipping Expert

I help customers solve their shipping needs through my industry knowledge on how to reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure packages arrive undamaged.

Jasmine R.

Order Fulfillment Expert

No two days are the same at a Staples fulfillment center, and it's good to know that I can positively reinforce my team to be safer while delivering for our customers.

Kathleen C.

Paper Expert

Did you know we only source paper from sustainably responsible mills? There is a misconception that printing is bad, but responsible sourcing supports renewable use and tree replenishment.

Kristi H.

Supplier Diversity Expert

Staples has run our Supplier Diversity program for over 20 years. With that experience, I can offer our customers the guidance they need to support their own programs.

Madison W.

Digital CX Expert

I specialize in crafting site experiences for customers, from go-to-market initiatives to seasonal centers, ensuring all needs are met conveniently in one place.

Matt Z.

Ink and Toner Expert

I ensure quality in our ink and toner assortment by only offering trusted national brands or reliable remanufactured options. Clones lack guarantees and sustainability.

Michael F.

Analytics Expert

As a leader in an analytics role, I can enable our sellers to identify savings opportunities not only for our customers but for our company as well. It's a win-win solution.

Michael S.

Custom Print Expert

Brand identity and brand assets are vital to our customers. How they show up is crucial, and that is the essence of what we deliver for them.

Anne H.

Product Engineering Expert

I collaborate with customers, merchants, and design teams to develop products aligning with customer needs. It's very rewarding to see the own-brand products that I helped bring to market.

Randi G.

Facilities Expert

Janitorial solutions can enhance everything from a positive customer experience to the safety and wellness of an entire team! Who knew toilet paper could be so fun?

Robert R.

Print Production Expert

Print is such an impactful medium that can really deliver a powerful punch. I love guiding customers through their options to create a final product that lives up to what they imagined.

Shannon B.

Education Expert

The best part of working with our education customers is showing them double-digit savings over their current program, which they can reinvest in students, teachers and faculty.

Stacy G.

Marketing Expert

We deliver the best experience for our customers by understanding them. If something isn't relevant to them, then we're wasting their time, and that's not something we want to do.

Tina C.

Charitable Giving Expert

At Staples, our caring culture shines. I am honored to lead our Cause for Caring program, funded by employees for employees which has supported thousands of associates during hardships.

Belinda J.

Talent Acquisition Expert

I make a difference by finding and cultivating our next generation of talent and developing an organization where everyone's authentic self is appreciated and valued.