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Brooms with dustpans offer an easy way of sweeping up and carrying away dirt and debris. Staples® offers an extensive range of quality brands such as Libman®, WISP®, OXO Good Grips® and Quickie®, making it easy to find the perfect brooms and dustpans, as well as mops and other cleaning supplies for use around the home, school, or office.

Brooms With Dustpans Are Versatile
Traditional brooms offer a quick and easy floor cleaning method for large spaces, while angled sweepers are great for getting into corners and other hard-to-reach areas. Alternatively, small, handheld brooms are a good way to take care of pet hair or little messes. With each of these styles, matching dustpans make them sets. Other choices are brooms with dustpan attachments that make cleaning up even simpler. Sets with rubber lips on the pans optimize floor contact and assist with quick, effective tidying up. Perfect for cleaning on the move in homes, offices, or schools, some dirt catchers lock open for effortless sweeping and disposal.

Brooms with natural, stiffer bristles are ideal for concrete or rough surfaces, while synthetic, softer fibers work well for scratch-free cleaning on smooth hardwood floors, linoleum, and tile floors. And many of these broom options come with dustpans for expedited cleaning.

Brooms With Dustpans Offer Many Options
The handles on brooms and dustpans range from 3 to 53 inches long, giving users a large selection to choose from for any space. Some models include foot-operated, step-on dustpan designs while others have long handles that prevent constant bending over that can lead to back strain. Handles with adjustable lengths are ideal for taller people or for getting to those hard-to-reach spots. Lightweight products feature ergonomically designed handles to prevent hand fatigue.

Are Brooms With Dustpans Simple to Store?
Dustpans might look bulky and awkward, however, when not in use, many of the dirt catchers lock in an upright position, saving space. A well-designed broom and pan set that snaps easily together into one piece allows for compact storage. Handheld brush and dustpan combinations are perfect for storing in office drawers, cars, or kitchen cupboards.

Are There Brooms With Dustpans for Outside Use?
Some broom sets are suitable for both inside and outside. Larger, outdoor-specific dustpans designed to accommodate larger amounts of debris are perfect for sweeping up leaves and yard trash. Made from polypropylene, these dirt catchers are strong and sturdy, made for outdoor use.

Do Brooms With Dustpans Come in Different Colors?
Brushes and pans are available in a range of colors, from more traditional black and red, to bright and funky colors like purple, green, and bright blue. Designate specific colors for different areas in the home and office to avoid cross-contamination or keep outside brooms and broom heads from inside use.

Are Brooms With Dustpans Eco-Friendly?
Some brands ensure their products are environmentally conscious by using synthetic bristles containing renewable or recycled materials such as used soda bottles, keeping unnecessary waste products out of landfills.