Cleaning Tools & Supplies

Find cleaning tools for both home and commercial applications. The wide range of supplies enable users to clean floors, ceilings, walls, windows, sinks, doors, cars, electronics, and furniture. Safety gear is also available to protect from scratches and exposure to germs. Staples offers a wide range of supplies for cleaning, including tools, detergents, and carts.

Cleaning tools for removing different types of dirt
Find a wide selection of brooms to remove dust, fallen particles, and other loose dirt. Some options feature robust handles that are long lasting. Consider brooms with stiff bristles to clean uneven surfaces, tough dirt, and outdoor spaces, such as sidewalks and decks. Features, such as lightweight handles, and the wide selection of broom sizes increase the ease of use.

Dusters come with material that easily traps dust to clean floors, furniture, and other indoor spaces and appliances. Some feature slender designs that allow access to compact and hard-to-reach spaces for thorough cleaning. Other tools for dusting include brushes, brooms, and dustpans.

Heavy-duty cleaning tools
Equipment and tools for commercial applications include select cleaning carts, mops, and other heavy-duty tools. Carts come with features such as multiple shelves to hold detergents, cleaning cloths, and chemicals. Features, such as multiple slots for brushes, spray bottles, sponges, and warning signs, enable users to do exhaustive cleaning in one round. Select carts also allow the attachment of vacuum cleaners and mops.

Mops with materials such as microfiber, cotton, and combinations of different fabrics combine absorbency with toughness to dislodge dirt from floors. Other features on select commercial mops include tail bands to prevent tangles. Special mops for healthcare and food handling applications have antimicrobial fabrics. You can also find microfiber cloths and rags to clean up spills and smooth surfaces. Some microfiber wipes and cloths are ideal for cleaning electronics because they are gentle enough to avoid scratching of delicate surfaces.

Versatile brushes and accessories for indoor and outdoor cleaning
Choose from a wide variety of brushes that include small options that reach hard-to-clean spots, such as under sinks. Larger options are also available to scrub dirt off driveways and barns. Brushes come with different types of soft and hard bristles to remove grout, mud, and other types of dirt.

Toilet and dish brushes, as well as sink plungers, are also available. Choose from different accessories, such as long or short handles for different tasks. Consider brushes and handles of different colors to distinguish brushes for use in various parts of the home or business. Some handles have holes that allow users to hang them on cleaning carts.

Are there cleaning tools and supplies for healthcare facilities?
Yes. supplies, such as disinfecting wipes are available. Select options are pre-moistened with germicidal solutions to disinfect sinks and shelves. They are disposable and meet standards set by different regulatory bodies.

What environment-friendly cleaning tools and equipment are available?
Many brushes, spray bottles, brooms, mops, and wringers are made of recycled plastic. Other options have many recyclable parts.

How do you ensure safety when cleaning?
Use appropriate protective gear, such as gloves to protect hands from germs, cleaning solutions, and detergents. Gloves are available in various sizes and colors and some are reusable. Latex-free options are available for users with latex allergies. Other equipment to increase safety includes warning signs to show cleaning is in progress and indicate that parts of the floor are wet. These signs are portable and come in bright colors to ensure high visibility.