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Ceiling Lighting

Adding new ceiling light fixtures to a room is an excellent way to improve the space's appearance. Replacing old fixtures is a low-cost building improvement, and most modern ceiling lights can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer. Compact fluorescent or LED ceiling light upgrades can reduce energy and maintenance costs too. With many home and office ceiling lights for sale, Staples has products that meet almost any lighting need.

Lights for Any Space

Ceiling light fixtures are available in many shapes and sizes, so choose one that matches the room's purpose. Dome or flush ceiling lights create diffuse room-wide illumination without being intrusive, making them ideal for work areas or hallways. Hanging ceiling lights often have reflective enclosures that direct light downward. Use these over tables or kitchen islands to provide focused illumination. The tight beam of light provided by swivel LED ceiling lights is ideal for highlighting architectural features or artwork, while single pendant ceiling light fixtures can brighten a dark corner and turn unused space into a reading nook or small work area. There are hundreds of home and office ceiling lights for sale with a variety of shade and globe styles, making it simple to find one that matches your lighting needs.

An Appearance Upgrade

The home and office ceiling lights for sale today offer more than functional lighting; they add unique finishes and shapes to your room. Simple LED ceiling lights with chrome or nickel finishes add bright illumination and are easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for kitchens or bathrooms. Use chandelier-style ceiling light fixtures with cut glass or tinted shades to dress up formal spaces, or add geometric shapes and satin or brushed metal finishes to contemporary decor.

Energy-Saving Illumination

Older ceiling light fixtures use incandescent or halogen bulbs, which have short operating lives and produce lots of heat. Newer fluorescent and LED ceiling lights operate at lower temperatures, last much longer and, most importantly, produce more light from less energy. Both LED and fluorescent bulbs cost more than traditional bulbs, but this expense is more than offset by their much longer operating life and lower energy consumption. When comparing home and office ceiling lights for sale, be sure to evaluate the overall operating cost of the fixture.
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