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Centon USB Flash Drives

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Transporting data from one location to another is one of the most popular uses for a Centon USB flash drive. These portable storage units are small enough to fit in a pocket and come in an array of shapes, sizes, and capacities to suit most users. Staples® carries many different Centon drives as well as other brand name storage devices.

Using a Centon USB Flash Drive for Daily Computing
Along with portable file storage, flash drives are ideal for a variety of other tasks. Some software programs are available in portable and compact form. They fit easily onto a flash drive so you can take them with you or use them on different devices. Antivirus utilities, games, music players, and even word processing programs can fit on portable drives to free up space on a computer.

Program a Centon Datastick Pro as a password reset disk for Windows. This is ideal for parents or IT administrators who want to change the password frequently to increase Internet security. Use a flash drive to store playlists and take them from home to the office without copying files or sharing software.

Options for a Centon USB Flash Drive
When selecting the right portable storage, there are several concepts to consider with a Centon USB flash drive. If you need a large quantity of storage units, try bulk packaging. These drives come several to a pack so you always have extras on hand in a busy office or for keeping documentation for different class subjects on separate devices. Think about the stability of the durable aluminum housing, which protects the device from damage when it's stuck inside your pocket or jacket.

For older computers, backward-compatible flash drives work with both 3.0 and 2.0 ports. You can also opt for 8GB flash drives that are ideal when storing and sharing documents and other small files, or choose a 64GB drive to store entire photo libraries and playlists.

Can You Use a Flash Drive With a Smartphone?
Using a USB adapter, you can use a Centon USB flash drive to free up space on a smartphone. The USB adapter inserts easily into the charging port of the device, and then the flash drive can communicate with the phone.

What Is the Difference Between a Thumb Drive and a Flash Drive?
Flash drives and thumb drives are the same. The thumb drive moniker came about because they are roughly the size of a thumb. Other common names for a flash drive include a data stick, memory stick, key chain drive, and jump drive.

Can You Use a Centon USB Flash Drive to Lock and Unlock Your Computer?
There are several programs available for download that allow you to lock and unlock your computer with the insertion of a USB drive. Once you install and configure the program on the device, the USB drive acts like a key to lock and unlock your computer. The flash drive contains a password. The minute someone removes the drive, the computer locks down and prevents unauthorized access, even with the operating system password. You can change and update the password as necessary for increased security.