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Clothing Hangers & Accessories

Use these clothing hangers and accessories to neatly hang shirts, ties, dresses, suits, and undergarments. From wooden suit hangers to open-access pant hangers, you'll find just what you need to ensure your garments are always neat, organized, and easy for you and your customers to sort through.

Multiple Styles
Choose plastic tubular hangers for lightweight items like T-shirts and blouses, or select clear, chrome-hook hangers for your dresses, jackets, or blazers. Use satin hangers for your intimate apparel, or choose hangers with attached hooks to keep your jeans and slacks organized. You'll also find round bikini hangers, large suit hangers, metal shirt hangers, concave display hangers, and many handy accessories, including nonslip clothing grips and adjustable hanging rods.

Durable Construction
The hangers are made from a variety of high-quality materials, including heavy-duty plastic, metal, vinyl, and wood. Select styles are also made of more than one of these materials for added durability and style. Many hangers are strong enough to support a minimum of 10 pounds, making them ideal for hanging long winter coats or three-piece pants or dress suits.

Space-Saving Designs
Styles featuring integrated accessory hooks let you neatly place multiple items on one hanger, allowing you to save a lot of space in your closet. Open-end designs and hangers with deep notches also help you maximize your closet space. These space-saving clothing hanger designs are especially useful if you plan to store clothes in individual storage closets with limited space, such as portable wardrobe closets, wooden storage cabinets, and fabric garment racks.
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