Clothing Hangers & Accessories

Clothes hangers help keep clothes organized, neat, wrinkle-free, and easily accessible. They hold clothing items like coats, shirts, dresses, suits, and even undergarments. They come in various colors, designs, materials, and pack sizes. Staples carries a wide selection to suit different spaces and uses. Browse clothing hangers and accessories in the backroom retail supplies section.

Consider the style
Clothes hangers come in various styles for different clothes and purposes. For example, plastic tubular designs carry light clothes like blouses and T-shirts. Chrome-hook designs can support heavier items and carry items such as blazers, dresses, and jackets. Models with additional hooks allow for a more detailed organization for items like slacks and jeans. For undergarments or delicate fabric, use satin hangers. They have smoother edges and finishing, ensuring the least damage to delicate materials.

Items that need hanging
Different clothing items require different designs and weight capacities of hangers when placing them in closets or on racks. The units come in different structural designs to suit the clothing item. For example, heavy clothes like coats and suits should have heavy-duty coat hangers that don't bend or break from the added weight. Pants and skirts only require a unit with a rolled bar that allows the clothing to hang without wrinkling. Shirts and blouses require models with rubber-tipped ends to help keep materials, such as silk, satin, and chiffon, from sliding off. When hanging items like lingerie or spaghetti strap dresses, hangers with hooks help keep these clothing items from tumbling to the floor when jostled.

Clothes hanger material options
Material options include wood, velvet, vinyl, plastic, and wire. Plastic and wire are lighter and carry light items like scarves and ties. Wooden materials are sturdier and can support much more weight. They do not sag from the weight of the clothes, ensuring they're usable for long periods of time. Padding helps ensure they maintain the natural shape of the coat and do not leave unnatural bumps caused by the edges of a regular clothes hanger. Bamboo closely resembles wood, but it's lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Can you save space with hangers?
Different designs come with additional features that help save on space in any closet. Features like accessory hooks allow for the hanging of multiple items. Open-end designs allow for the grouping of multiple clothes hangers both vertically or horizontally, saving on space in a closet.

What are some of the additional features?
Some come with additional features, such as clips, that allow users to attach the waistband of any skirt or pants to the hanger without creating wrinkles. Strap notches allow for hanging of items with thin straps like dresses or lingerie. Other features include adjustable hanging rods, nonslip designs that help keep clothes in place, and swivel functions, which allow the  hanger to rotate 360 degrees.

Can you buy a single hanger?
Clothes hangers come in various package sizes. Depending on the material, design, weight, and purpose, Staples sells clothes hangers individually or in packs. A pack can contain as little as three hangers or as many as 50.
Honey-Can-Do Heavy-Duty Plastic Clothes Hangers, White, 18/Pack (HNG-01178)
Item #985327
Model #HNGT01178
  • Heavy-duty clothes hangers for shirts and coats
  • Plastic clothes hangers come in white
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Honey-Can-Do Wood Clothes Hangers, Maple, 10/Pack (HNG-01366)
Item #231270
Model #HNG-01366
  • Hanger with pants bar is perfect for keeping suit coats, jackets and blazers, or dresses and blouses
  • Heavy-duty maple wood hanger
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Hang Tab W/ Round Hole, Clear, 7/8" X 1-1/4", 10/Pack
Item #285999
Model #S47122
  • Clear, Hang Tab
  • Round Hole
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Whitmor Slim Sure Grip Hanger Set, Paloma Gray, 10/Set (6672490310PGRAY)
Item #24185065
Model #6672490310PGRAY
  • Slim sure grip unisex hanger set
  • Dimensions: 16.5"H x 34"W x 8.25"D
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Household Essentials® Cedar Fresh™ Hanger With Locking Trouser Bar
Item #37505
Model #26340
  • Hanger
  • Red
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Household Essentials Cedar Fresh Deluxe Coat Hanger, Red Brown (26507)
Item #37503
Model #26507
  • Coat Hanger
  • Red Brown
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Honey Can Do 18 Pack Kid's Tubular Hanger with Clips, 18/Pack
Item #985332
Model #HNGT01329
  • Kid sized perfect for kids clothing
  • Dimensions: (H x W x L) 7" x 0.25" x 11.75"
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Honey Can Do 9 Pack Velvet Touch Suit Hangers, 9/Pack
Item #985365
Model #HNGT01339
  • Black velvet coating is gentle on delicate garments
  • Black
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Honey Can Do 30 Pack Kid's Tubular 26g Hangers, 30/Pack
Item #985331
Model #HNGT01328
  • Integrated accessory hooks keep garments with spaghetti straps in place
  • White
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Household Essentials® Cedar Fresh™ Hanger With Fixed Hanging Bar
Item #37723
Model #26140
  • Hanger
  • Red
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