Corn Brooms

Corn Brooms
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Removing dirt and debris from your floors reduces the likelihood of scratches on solid surfaces. Constructed primarily of broom corn fibers, corn brooms are tools used to sweep away dust and grime from floors. A corn broom consists of a durable head with stiff fibers attached to a long handle. Because the bristles are rigid, they can be used both indoors or outside on a patio, sidewalk, or deck. These brooms come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to tackle most cleaning jobs.

Purchasing Corn Brooms for Home or Office Use
Brooms are graded by the weight or the thickness of the straws. Professional brooms have the thickest pile and are designed to reduce time spent cleaning. They work well for all types of debris and usually handle dirt with a single pass. They have a mixed construction of corn with synthetic or natural fibers for increased durability. They also tend to have longer handles to reach high places without strain.

Natural corn bristles are low maintenance and easy to use. Brooms with heads around 10 inches in width are ideal for home use. They are lightweight and can be used with screw-in or fixed handles.

Choosing the Ideal Corn Broom
The purpose of cleaning supplies is to make the task more efficient. With a corn broom, extra-large broom heads help tackle larger areas quicker and more efficiently. Smaller broom heads are ideal for sweeping in corners and addressing cobwebs and hard-to-reach areas. Triple and double-stitched bristles hold the broom together better to ensure longevity.

Thickly packed bristles let you sweep up finer particles for greater efficiency, while a small whisk broom without a handle is suitable for getting up dirt and crumbs from tables and countertops. A whisk broom usually has a small hook on the top that lets you hang the device for easy and convenient storage.

What's the Difference Between Corn and Synthetic Brooms?
The biggest difference between corn brooms and dustpans is the resistance to water and moisture. Synthetic brooms can be used in either a wet or dry application. Corn brooms, which are made of broom corn, a type of inedible sorghum, get soft over time when consistently exposed to moisture or oils and solvents. These brooms work well on rough surfaces.

How Do You Care for Corn Brooms?
Maintain the shape of the bristles on corn brooms by suspending them in the air when storing or hang the broom upside down. For bristles that seem to go in all directions, briefly, soak the ends of the bristles in warm water and secure the strands together with string or an elastic band. Wait for the broom to dry completely before removing the tie. You can clean the bristles of push brooms by running them over a stiff edge, such as a sidewalk or the lip of a porch.

How Often Should You Sweep Floors?
The number of times you sweep your floors depends on how often the room is used and how clean you like your home to be. Sweep anytime you see dust and debris, or at least once every two weeks to remove any allergens. If you have young children and pets, it's a good idea to run the broom over your solid surface floors at least once a day to get up excessive pet hair and dirt.