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Diebold Ink & Toner at Staples
  • Diebold printer cartridges are designed to meet the specialized needs of receipt and ATM printers. These devices operate in busy point-of-sale locations and must be reliable to ensure customer satisfaction and quick transaction processing. Staples carries Diebold compatible ink cartridges manufactured by HP. Unlike remanufactured ink cartridges, HP-produced Diebold ink cartridges are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the device manufacturer, and they benefit from HP's extensive printer and ink know-how.

    Convenient Cartridge Design
    For commercial printing, reliability is paramount, and Diebold printer cartridges by HP are designed to deliver consistent printed output for every transaction. Eventually, every Diebold ink cartridge runs dry. Cartridge replacement needs to be quick and easy so that ATMs and receipt printers are back in operation quickly. HP products have a drop-in design and a sealed ink compartment. It takes just a few moments to install one of these Diebold printer cartridges. Ink refills for point-of-sale and ATM systems are all constrained by the available space inside these specialized machines, so Diebold ink cartridges all have a standard yield.

    Color Options for Financial Printing
    The ink requirements for commercial records processing are unique. Most financial printers use blue, black or red ink. HP offers Diebold ink cartridges in all three colors and uses high-quality HP inks. Unlike remanufactured ink cartridges that may use slow-drying ingredients, HP inks are colorfast and quick drying, creating legible long-lasting records of each financial transaction processed. This ink is also compatible with most kinds of paper, so businesses can use materials that best meet their customers' needs.

    Eco-Friendly Printer Supplies
    HP's extensive recycling program covers HP-produced Diebold ink cartridges too. Just return used products to HP, and the company will recycle ink cartridge materials into new goods. This process reduces the raw materials used in printer manufacturing and eliminates waste from landfills.

    When purchasing Diebold printer cartridges manufactured by HP, you're buying products that are built to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's requirements. HP compatible ink cartridges use high-quality inks that deliver sharp and clear fade-resistant output, and they have an easy-to-install design that minimizes printer and ATM downtime.