File Storage

Whether it's in an office or at home, everyone needs some file storage to stay organized. That often means combating the clutter that builds up on desks and tables and in storage rooms. Establish a filing system to stay on top of all types of paperwork. Staples carries a broad selection of file boxes in different sizes and materials, and many have special features to make carrying and labeling them easier. An organization system can be as simple as a series of plastic in-and-out trays to keep paperwork moving efficiently or multiple large boxes sorted alphabetically in a storage closet. Ensure your company or home's organization by selecting a product that will meet your needs for both the long and short term.

File Storage at Work
Financial organizations, law practices and accounting firms are used to dealing with a large influx of tax return supplies, paper documents from clients and prospects, and keeping these files organized is key to running a successful business. File boxes are easy to mark for identification and organization, making it convenient to locate files on a particular individual, specific year or large project. Opt for boxes that stack easily if your storage space lacks shelves; consider file storage with labels on two sides so you can find the right box easily in a packed space.

Corrugated cardboard boxes with double-wall or single-wall construction are often durable enough to withstand 450 pounds of stacked weight. These boxes may come folded compactly so you can assemble them as needed, and some offer patented folding systems for extra speed and convenience.

Staples stocks filing containers with easy-grip handholds located on either side of the box for hassle-free transporting. Some plastic boxes have built-in flip-up handles on top of the lid; this type is usually designed for frequent use and is handy when transporting files to clients' offices and other offsite locations. Some products are designed to neatly hold letter-size documents, while others are meant for legal-size documents or use with hanging folders.

Staying Organized at Home
Staying organized at home is just as important as it is in an office setting. Plastic totes help you keep files and projects organized, secure and manageable. Clear totes allow the user to see what is inside without having to take the box off the shelf. Consider plastic totes in a range of colors to color code your files; for example, you can use green for medical info, red for tax documents and blue for personal finance paperwork.

Plastic totes are a practical choice when you want to store files in a basement or other damp location without fear of damage, and many have handles that double as locks to seal them against moisture. Boxes with built-in wheels allow anyone to move even the heaviest files from room to room. For additional storage in your home office, look for open-top boxes that let you easily put your fingers on the file you want and then put it back when you're done. Boxes that are collapsible are suitable for temporary and recurring storage needs