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Ink & Toner Cartridges

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Gestetner Ink & Toner at Staples
  • Genuine Gestetner printer cartridges offer a combination of reliable performance and exceptional color output when used in compatible Gestetner printers, delivering uniform ink or toner coverage to each page. Staples carries a wide selection of Gestetner toner and inkjet printer cartridges for Gestetner copiers, fax machines and multifunction devices.

    Excellent Print Quality

    When purchasing Gestetner printer cartridges, you're getting print technology designed for exceptional results and lower document production costs. Many Gestetner ink cartridges use GELJET technology, a combination of oversize print heads and viscous ink that produces professional-quality, full-color output at a very high speed. The blended resin and wax materials used in Gestetner laser toner cartridges provide exceptional paper coverage and have a wider color gamut than traditional toners, ensuring accurate and lifelike color reproduction.

    Practical Cartridge Packaging

    Most Gestetner devices use single-color Gestetner printer cartridges. This cartridge format produces less ink and toner waste than all-in-one cartridges, since a single empty color does not force the replacement of the entire multicolor unit. Many Gestetner ink cartridges and toner products are available in both high and standard yields. Standard-yield toner and inkjet printer cartridges cost less, making them a good choice for home or business users who want to reduce upfront costs and who have moderate printing needs. For high-volume print operations, high-yield Gestetner printer cartridges are a better choice, since they usually reduce per-page print costs. Most Gestetner ink cartridges and toner products use sealed drop-in designs that make replacing spent cartridges quick and easy and prevent toner or ink spills.

    Eco-Friendly Printing Products

    Gestetner and its parent company Ricoh are committed to creating environmentally friendly printing solutions for homes and businesses. The toner used in Gestetner laser toner cartridges is made, in part, from resins recovered from waste paper, which reduces the environmental impact of toner production. It also has a low fusing temperature, which reduces the energy used by the printer. Gestetner inkjet printer cartridges and toner products can also be recycled through Ricoh's free global cartridge return program.

    Staples offers Gestetner printer cartridges to match almost any need, and genuine OEM products ensure the continued reliable performance of Gestetner fax machines, copiers and laser printers. These products also reflect the company's commitment to green printing by reducing energy consumption, using recycled materials and keeping plastic waste out of local landfills.